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2/05/2014 — WeatherMod, Cloud Seeding , and Disinfo — Freedom Frequency

This video is just a 15min excerpt .. listen to the whole discussion (Friday Jan 31) here:



Listen to part 1 here (15min):

Listen to part 2 here:


This show covering the topics of Weather Modification, Radio Frequency, Cloud Seeding, chemtrails, and the “fake snow”.

More on the topic of radio frequency effects:


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2/03/2014 — Weather Modification , Cloud Seeding, “Fake Snow” reports — Freedom Frequency

Friday, January 31st — a whole broadcast dedicated to the topic of Cloud Seeding / “Chemtrails”, Geoengineering, and false youtube information…

Part 1:

Part 2:


Listen to the whole 2 hour show here:


2/03/2014 — Indonesia Volcanic Eruption kills at least 14 via LARGE Pyroclastic Flow

Full report here:

At least 14 people have died after a volcano on the Indonesian island of Sumatra spewed lava and hot gas.

“It is likely we’ll find more victims,” Benny Kaban, a local Protestant minister and aid worker, said by telephone on Saturday.

Most of the 14 victims died in a village less than 3km from the peak of Mount Sinabung, said Asren Nasution, head of the local disaster management agency.

2/02/2014 — AMAZING HD Volcanic Eruption caught from the International Space Station (ISS)

Wow! Watch in full screen 1080p HD!

Northeast of Japan, the Sarychev (Tsarychev) Volcano erupted , giving off an impressive plume of ash. Captured by an ISS astronaut, captured in 2009, as of Dec 9 2013 processed into animation via NASA.

Credits to: NASA / JSC / Image Science and Analysis Laboratory