11/6/2011 — Evidence that Oklahoma is having a MAN MADE earthquake swarm = induced seismicity (FRACKING)

watch the video report here:

OIL ROAD just north of the epicenter — FRAC well tanks all around (2005 image!!)


Recently, over the past several months, several earthquake swarms have occurred in Colorado/New Mexico border, Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

All of these swarms have been VERIFIED oil/fracking fields (FRAC well drilling) … seen simply by looking at satellite images of the areas .. for sure ‘frac’ drilling pads and oil wells within a mile at each of these above mentioned locations.

The past 24 hours, 11/5/2011 and 11/6/2011, over a dozen earthquakes rocked a “Fracking” field in central Oklahoma.  One of the nearby roads to this quake epicenter is OIL road !

Here are the statistics including the coordinates of the quakes:


Magnitude 5.6 – OKLAHOMA

2011 November 06 03:53:10 UTC

Versión en Español

Earthquake Details

  • This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.
Magnitude 5.6
Location 35.537°N, 96.747°W
Depth 5 km (3.1 miles)

Below is screenshot evidence of the 2005 google earth view — FRAC well drilling at the direct area of the epicenter of the 5.6, the 4.7 and the 4.0 (as well as about 10 other smaller earthquakes so far).

Search these coordinates on google earth : 35.537°N, 96.747°W   and take a look around !

Here are my past posts on FRACing:


63 thoughts on “11/6/2011 — Evidence that Oklahoma is having a MAN MADE earthquake swarm = induced seismicity (FRACKING)

  1. Dutchsinse, this drilling operation might be having a tremendous effect also in some or many earthquake areas of the world, related to the boring of deep underground tunnels increasing the bunker-cities the NWO have been developing since WWII. The biggest deep underground city, 45 plus miles in diameter exists outside the new Denver Int’l Airport. When I consider the continuous number of earthquakes which occur in the oceans, I think it’s possible that tunnels are being bored underneath the ocean floors between continents, to further develop under-world high-speed transportation systems to compensate growing congestion of air-traffic control, globally. All I sense from what I’ve learned from your information, and other sources, is that the under-world development is for the pure benefit of the self-serving elite. I’m open to criticism of my personal opinions and theories, but also, I hope that I can get feedback, in case there is evidence to support what might be happening. After all the Elinin panic of this year, October 16-17 came and left, and what showed up on the NASA telescope blew-up (or whatever). 2011-2012 predictions and prophecies, for all I know, might just be more scripted theatrics by the NWO.

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