11/13/2011 — Georgia earthquake near DORMANT VOLCANO — Vulcan Mining company @ location !

A 2.7 magnitude earthquake struck the state of Georgia this past week — several people reported hearing some kind of “explosion”– then felt an earthquake.

I think I may have determined a “cause” or a likely “earthquake trigger” — and more specifically, why THIS area in particular can expect further movement .  Also, I think this may explain why some people heard an explosion of some kind.

Screenshot of the earthquake culprit below:

We see a chain of “old” dormant volcanic sites .. furthest to the south we see a massive supervolcano caldera.. several miles across.. 4 miles long / 2 miles wide

There is a MINE at the location in question — on Blue Hole Road @ Pigeon Mountain in Georgia…. the name of the mine is… seen on google earth street view


Check out the GATE TO THE MINE !

In between the cone volcano and the larger caldera, we see an old blasted out “flank volcano”:

Then to the north (seen below) is the smaller “cone volcano”..  — Pigeon Mountain  — where VULCAN mines are located.

Screenshot of distance in miles from earthquake epicenter:

Screenshot of all three volcanic areas from above:


In short — my opinion — the earthquake in Georgia was due to the old dormant supervolcano caldera, cone, and blasted out flank volcano .. located 19 miles west of the earthquake epicenter.

This is due to the global uptick in volcanic / tectonic activity.. literally, we are seeing volcanic areas which have been dormant for thousands of years are starting to show some activity — Pisgah, Black Hills, Volcano CA, Mono Lake, Yellowstone uplift, sites in Idaho, Utah, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama have shown activity… this is just listing USA activity recently (past 2 months).

Now we can add Pigeon Mountain to the list .


Here are the USGS statistics on the quake:


Earthquake Details

  • This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.
Magnitude 2.7
Location 34.773°N, 84.982°W
Depth 5.2 km (3.2 miles)
  • 1 km (1 miles) W (280°) from Dalton, GA
  • 10 km (6 miles) SE (146°) from Tunnel Hill, GA


Expect further earthquakes at, or within a short distance from, this dormant volcanic area.  If things continue.. we may see something like what I’ve got linked below !!

Here is the New York Times article from the year 1857 — located on the USGS website.. which CONFIRMS Georgia as being a past place of volcanic unrest (within the past 150 years).

Reports from 1857..


…..When observing the mountain they were more than ever terrified, for a brilliant light was plainly seen issuing from the summit. The atmosphere soon became strongly impregnated with a disagreeable sulphuric odor. On the following day a thick torrent of smoke and ashes ascended from where this light was previously seen….. The writer states that the principle of a volcano has for many years been germinating in Pigeon mountain. About ten miles south from where the present appeared, is the crater of an extinguished volcano, which appears to have been in an active state at no very distant period.Every appearance goes to vindicate the conjecture that it has been in a state of eruption within less than five hundred years. Several persons of credit have stated that in the Winter of ’48 or ’49, the earth in the vicinity was in a remarkabley warm state. Others have avowed to have seen smoke with a sulphuric smell issue from a very remarkable cavity which is found in the neighborhood of the place.

— Newspaper Source found at: The New York Times Archives, 2008

11 thoughts on “11/13/2011 — Georgia earthquake near DORMANT VOLCANO — Vulcan Mining company @ location !

  1. Thanks, Dutch. Considering that the other planets have been heating up – without a reasonable explanation – I have no doubt ours will continue to do so too. And I have to wonder if “they” are intentionally trying to cause these earthquakes with HAARP. Did you notice the one in South Dakota tonight?

    On a side note . . . if any of you want to keep your electronics safe in case we do head into more geomagnetic storms, you can keep them in a Faraday cage. What the heck is that? Without building one, you can get a Behrens locking lid, steel can and keep your electronics in there to keep them working during any geomagnetic storm. It provides a “neutral” environment for them. Just in case we get a repeat of the Carrington Event of 1859.

    But what do you protect your head with? 😉


    • Hey, Annie, I live in GA and noted extreme numbers of “chem-trails” over the weekend. We went from a lovely, brilliant blue fall sky to haze to clouds – all very quickly. And when it started to clear out on Sunday, they sprayed again… a connection perhaps?

      Thanks for being our eyes, Dutch!

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