11/23/2011 — Frequency outbreak – ‘HAARP rings’ 2 days ago in Pacific Northwest = Tornadic / Damaging winds for 24 hours straight

Video explanation of the confirmation here:

Here are screenshots of the ‘HAARP ring’ frequency outbreak which occurred on Nov 21st 2011 at 8-11pm CST :  I issued a forecast calling for severe weather (tornadoes / damaging wind/ hail) to hit the CENTER of each ring within 48 hours from the 21st:

here was my original forecast for Portland to Seattle:


here is the video I made from the 21st:

This was my forecast:  Midwest still is yet to be hit…

Watch all these areas named below for severe weather in the next 24-48 hours. Possibly as far out as 72 hours from this point. 11pm CST 11/21/2011

Manhattan Kansas, Belton Missouri (kansas city) , St. Charles Missouri (saint louis) , Springfield Missouri, Little Rock Arkansas, Springfield Illinois, Des Moines Iowa, Omaha Nebraska, Paducah Kentucky, Memphis Tennessee.

In the pacific northwest.. Boise Idaho, Portland Oregon, and Seattle.

Move forward to the 22nd / 23rd — We see TORNADOES and DAMAGING WINDS hit dead center — Ashland to Portland Oregon — north to Seattle Washington !

To me, this proves yet again, that usually within 24-48 hours of seeing a frequency outbreak — as I call it “HAARP ring” outbreak — that severe weather hits the CENTER of the ring effected area.

here is the local report  on the conditions:


Rain, Flooding and Rattling Winds Coast

Updated yesterday at 11:18 PM

Moderate to heavy rain continues to surge into western Washington. A cold front remains offshore; that front has strengthened. Accelerating south to southeast winds just ahead of that front have resulted in house-rattling winds along the central and south Washington coast, especially south of Ocean Shores. Sustained winds of up to 45 mph remain likely with higher gusts until about midnight. The other impact of that approaching front is it’s focusing a flow of unseasonably mild air with plentiful moisture to continue streaming into western Washington tonight. In other words…lots of rain.

 The main band of clouds and rain will “wiggle” north and south over western Washington tonight, changing the focus of the heaviest rain, but not the overall soggy pattern. The rain will continue overnight, not changing to scattered showers until early Wednesday. Our KING 5 FutureCast models indicate the heaviest rainfall is likely to extend from roughly Tacoma southward. Another 2″-4” could fall between by sunrise Wednesday morning. The area north of Tacoma will still be wet with anywhere from 1″-3” rain. Expect lows mostly in the mid 40’s.
If you’re thinking of driving over the passes tonight-reconsider. A Winter Weather Advisory is posted; the see-sawing of the snow level could result in occasional snow, rain and even freezing rain. In short, ice on the pass.
 The cold front should finally shove through by about 7 or 8am Wednesday, resulting in a change to scattered showers and possibly some sunbreaks. Highs will be mostly in the mid to upper 40s.
If you are headed across the passes your best time weather wise will probably be between about 3PM Wednesday through 9AM Thanksgiving Day. Rain should finally change to snow showers Wednesday afternoon. Why is travel likely to become more difficult Thursday? The story continues…
Yet another front will roll into western Washington on Thanksgiving for more rain and blustery weather. The most recent computer model runs indicate this system could have winds comparable to this morning’s storm and should arrive during the day on Thanksgiving.  The cold front will move through later Thursday afternoon changing the steady rain to showers and decreasing winds.I am concerned about the potential for damaging winds from roughly Everett and the north Kitsap peninsula north to Whatcom and San Juan counties, and also along the coast. That’s most likely Thursday afternoon.
High pressure builds in briefly on Friday for some clearing and only a few stray showers. Saturday doesn’t look bad either as another system brushes by to the northwest for just a few showers and lots of sunbreaks. However, later Saturday night a stronger weather system will begin dropping down from the NW for increasing rain by Sunday morning turning it into a wet end of the weekend. Highs should remain mainly in the mid to upper 40s. If you’re planning outdoor activities; skiing, putting up decorations, etc…plan those for Saturday.

To read more about frequency manipulation of the weather here is a link to start at:


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