11/28/2011– El Hierro — CLOSE UP — sea level view via boat

be sure to visit this site and subscribe if possible : http://www.youtube.com/diarioelhierro

Link to their original video here: Mirrored with permission


This undersea volcano , which has been locally called the “jacuzzi” .. has been expelling large amounts of material / gasses for weeks now.

Along with the recent activity further to the northwest (in the Azores island chain) .. this is a further sign of geologic unrest globally.

Many thanks to the video maker who took personal risk to get these shots !

One thought on “11/28/2011– El Hierro — CLOSE UP — sea level view via boat

  1. On the global Volcano News Front this week, there have been rumblings from the Iceland area these past weeks. Perhaps Dutch you could keep tabs on that one as well. Seems to be a mid-Atlantic Ridge uptick goind on from top to bottom.

    ** New Icelandic volcano eruption could have global impact **
    A long-overdue eruption of the Icelandic volcano Katla could dwarf the 2010 impact from Eyjafjallajokull and have global ramifications, hears the BBC’s Jane O’Brien.



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