12/9/2011 — FEMA camps on 72 hour notice AND military authorized to arrest = VERIFIED

For the record, I said months ago that I did NOT believe that there was a REAL plan to round up American/US citizens and put us into “FEMA camps”… being that I am from the “show me state” of missouri.. I felt this claim required more proof that what was offered months/years ago.

Now, the tables have turned, and I surely / sorely stand corrected.

The US congress has approved a bill which AUTHORIZES THE MILITARY to be able to arrest US citizens on US SOIL !!! Not only can they arrest us without cause, they can hold you indefinitely — with no lawyer and no one knowing your location !! ( they can do this now through this “law” that was passed…by labeling you beligerent towards the government thus being a terrorist sympathizer — therefore allowing the military to take you to a secret prison without a trial)

Also this very same short period of days, this week, KBR (security corporation which handles FEMA emergency camps) put out a call to staff these FEMA camps.. and to be ready on a 72 hour notice.

Take these two events together.. same week… FEMA camps being alerted to staff on a short notice, and the US military authorized to arrest people at the drop of a hat.

Who voted yes and who voted no:


Here is the s. 1867 military authorization bill:


here is the link to KBR security corporation needing to staff FEMA camps with a 72 hour notice:


Here is the general link to Alex Jones / Infowars — who has been staying on top of this issue.. (I know a lot of people thumb their nose at AJ — but this is just one of MANY news outlets covering this issue — just search on google s.1867 or KBR FEMA if you don’t like Alex Jones or agree with his other work) This issue transcends “personalities”… we need to put any differences aside and deal with this together in unison !


12 thoughts on “12/9/2011 — FEMA camps on 72 hour notice AND military authorized to arrest = VERIFIED

  1. We are on the verge of WAR. These camps are NOT for us. Not in my opinion. At least not in the way that people are so up in arms about. If we are nuked the camps may help the survivors but I believe they are for the enemy who is on this very day performing war games to show us that they are ready willing and able to strike. Pakistan, Iran, China and possibly Russia! Lines are being drawn in the sand. Aggressive maneuvers are slung back and forth. America needs the strategic land called Pakistan and China has vowed to defend. Putin is pissed at Hillary but let’s hope he is not stupid. World war III is brewing, let’s hope someone can remove the heat before it boils over. Just my observation!

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