12/31/2011 — Allentown Pennsylvania — center of town SINKING

Watch the video here:




Central Allentown Pennsylvania is sinking.

At the start of 2011, and now at the end of 2011, two events have occurred which confirm this fact in my eyes.  A large explosion, and a sinking graveyard .. both within blocks of one another.

The proof is below.

First a screenshot of the direct area I am referring to… from google earth..  View of Allentown Pennsylvania .  More specifically the cross streets of n. 13th street + Allen .

The two spots marked in the above photo show the general area I believe to be sinking. This assumption is based upon the direct evidence laid out over  the course of a year, the evidence I have linked below via MSM reports.

People have died due to this ‘geologic event’– at least 5 people died in a very large natural gas explosion, which leveled EIGHT houses in one single large blast back in Feb. 2011 (10 months ago).  The explosion point is marked above, as well as the newly reported sinking graveyard.

Victims and residents were told a natural gas pipe leak caused the explosion.

Now, we see this new ‘sinking graveyard’ story is front page on CNN (and several other MSM outlets today December 31, 2011)… saying a water main break is causing the historic graveyard to sink — BUT not to worry — they’re pumping in concrete !  (lol @ that)


Graves may be exhumed over Pennsylvania sinkhole

By Phil Gast, CNN
updated 12:00 PM EST, Fri December 30, 2011
Some graves in an Allentown, Pennsylvania, cemetery may be exhumed after a sinkhole formed Thursday.
Some graves in an Allentown, Pennsylvania, cemetery may be exhumed after a sinkhole formed Thursday.
  • A judge allows exhumation of graves if necessary
  • Coroner said decision on exhumations is likely on Friday
  • Ground has fallen as much as two feet in graveyard
  • A dozen homes are closed after water main break

(CNN) — Officials in Pennsylvania may give the go-ahead Friday to exhume graves as a large sinkhole encroaches on a historic Allentown cemetery.

A court order has been secured so that Lehigh County Coroner Scott Grim can give the order if he deems such action necessary.

“It’s a very sensitive issue. You are dealing with a cemetery,” Grim said. “You are laid to rest and now it is being disturbed.”

The sinkhole measures about 50 feet long and 30 feet wide, according to Allentown Fire Chief Robert C. Scheirer.

“They are pumping concrete into it right now,” he said.


While reading this story on CNN I saw the ironic name “Coroner Grim” … And the Fire Cheif “Scheirer”…..  I knew I had heard those names somewhere before

As said in the outset of this article, about 10 months ago, Feb. 9, 2011 , there was a MASSIVE explosion in downtown Allentown Pennsylvania — location 500 n. 13th street.  The “official cause” was listed as a leaking natural gas line which exploded.. killing FIVE people , destroying EIGHT houses and damaging 50 more !

This is the story from 10 months ago linked below.. same two names.. Grim and Scheirer.


5 dead after homes leveled in Pennsylvania blast

February 10, 2011|From Allan Chernoff, CNN
Several homes were destroyed Wednesday after an explosion in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

The death toll in a suspected natural gas explosion that destroyed eight homes in Allentown, Pennsylvania, rose to five Thursday evening, authorities said. The victims include a 4-month-old and a 79-year-old.

Authorities sifted through piles of rubble on a snowy street.

Allentown Fire Chief Robert Scheirer confirmed four of the deaths. Scott Grim of the Lehigh County Office or the Coroner confirmed the fifth.

“It was a difficult fire to fight because of the weather,” said Scheirer, noting that the icy conditions were made worse as firefighters pumped water into a blaze that burned down houses and spewed out of street gas lines.


I believe both stories to be related.

There is serious movement occurring in the downtown Allentown, PA area — people who live in the area deserve to know THE TRUTH !

It should be obvious the two events are NOT just a breaking natural gas pipe, or water main break… but rather , its a LARGE sinkhole at least 1000 feet wide starting to form in a fairly large metropolitan area.  Pumping concrete in?  I doubt that will be the ultimate solution for this large of a problem.

It looks like several thousand people live in the surrounding blocks, not to mention the businesses which reside in that location.  I think it would be prudent if you live in that specific area, to have the appropriate plans/insurance to cover this kind of ‘event’.

I’m telling you… its NOT just old pipes !

The real cause of this kind of movement .. is that the entire north American ‘craton’ is being pushed by the pacific plate .  The ‘craton’ is the old unsubducted plate which makes up central north America.  The edge of the craton dissects Pennsylvania.

read about the other movement here: https://sincedutch.wordpress.com/?s=craton

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