1/31/2012 — Earthquake Northwest of Chicago — in ADDITION to the nuclear power plant issue

Watch the video update here:


SOMETHING is going on in North Illinois — Northwest of Chicago — first , yesterday (Jan 30, 2012)… the Nuclear power plant northwest of Chicago experienced an event — the reactor suddenly lost power — and vented RADIOACTIVE STEAM into the air — which blew down into Chicago .

Move forward 12 hours — and now we see an EARTHQUAKE also happen to the northwest of Chicago.



All I’ve got to say on this topic can be summed up in ONE sentence —

The Finnish Scientists (Arto Laurie) Fukushima theory may apply here.


See this link to find out more on todays Illinois quake:



past videos I’ve made on the subject of Nuclear power plant earthquakes:


Here are my past blog posts on the subject:



11 thoughts on “1/31/2012 — Earthquake Northwest of Chicago — in ADDITION to the nuclear power plant issue

  1. We follow your website constantly and have for the last year or so. We have followed the radiation network.com to view the current map of radiation levels across the us. We live in Oklahoma. For some reason, about a month ago, the Oklahoma reading disappeard and after a couple of weeks, it reappeared at a higher reading than ever before. It went from the avg 13 to 16 cpm to now in the 46 to 48 cpm daily. What’s up with that? Okahoma doesn’t have a nuclear site listed like all the other states, but something has made our radiation levels rise and remain high. What do you think is happening??

    • oklahoma JUST had the highest count in the country 54CPM on radiation network — 100CPM is alert level.. I don’t know whats going on down there— chemtrails maybe?!

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