3/9/2012 – TO THE DAY, TO THE HOUR = One year ago 7.2M west Pacific ( Japan )

watch the video update here:


I hope this is not a repeat — last year — one year ago to the day and TO THE HOUR roughly 1am CST on 3/9/2011 a 7.2M struck the W. Pacific in Japan…

Move forward one year .. and at approx 1am CST on 3/9/2012 a 7.1M struck the W. Pacific near Vanuatu.

The global earthquake swarm MATCHES last years movement (only a bit greater)..

Below — see my video from LAST YEAR.. .same date and same time video shot as this video today.. approx 130am CST !!!

Again, lets hope we do NOT see a repeat of last year — but the volcano activity matches last years unrest .. and the earthquakes actually show a bit MORE than last year… so we should be ON ALERT at this point for a repeat event …… JUST IN CASE…..

Pacific Ring of fire should be ready and waiting for it.. anywhere from Japan / Kuril Islands.. south through Philippines, all the way south through Vanuatu .. into New Zealand.

West Coast Americas — Washington State, British Columbia Canada, Oregon, California, Mexico (baja south through mexico city along the pacific coast into Columbia)…

Then further south along the south american coast .. Chile .. Peru .. EAST of the ocean but WEST of the mountains in the thin strip of land along the shore.

North America = Craton edge.. watch the states along the edge of the plate .. see my blog post for the areas to watch:


Europe.. this includes Greece, Italy, South Spain, north through France along the east side of UK in the english channel.. also eastern and central Europe — Poland / Switzerland / France / Germany.

India, near the Himalayas mountain range .. up @ the border of China/Russia.

All in all.. this 7.1 in Vanuatu today is a very troublesome development — I really wish it wouldn’t have happened to the DAY AND HOUR of last years large earthquake precursor in Japan — this makes me think a cycle might be at play.  West Pacific would be the place to watch if the pattern is a real one.

IF a large earthquake hits in the next few days — countries around the effected area should be prepared in case it is an ocean based earthquake.. and if the earthquake occurs in an area like the New Madrid Seismic Zone (recent plumes appearing)… then have your appropriate food, water, transportation, communications, self defense, and shelter plans taken care of !

Today is a good day to start if you haven’t already built your ‘bug out bag’ …

Tomorrow at some point, I will show my preparations (mobile setup in the car for a quick mobile bugout) and my shelter in place plans in case I am unable to leave the area.

Cheers, be safe.. and remember.. don’t be scared.. BE PREPARED !!!


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