4/2/2012 — Square Waves, Sawtooth Sweeps, and Circle Sweeps — Texas, East Coast, Minnesota, Wisconsin

watch the video here:


The areas below have just seen a large frequency injection — done via ground based station at local RADAR sites — this very well may produce damaging winds, hail, and possible tornadoes at or very close to the “ring and square” epicenters.

Pay attention to the below areas for the next 48 hours approx.. from about 220am CDT 4/2/2012 : Minnesota / Wisconsin, south Texas, and the East Coast (NYC south to Virginia)…

Read about “square waves / scalar squares —- circle sweeps / HAARP rings —- sawtooth sweeps / stairstep patterns ……. and how they are controlled to manipulated the environment:

download it from Stanford here:


download it from my site here directly:

Stanford Geometric Modulation H.A.A.R.P.

[11] … For amplitude modulation
(AM), we utilize 50% duty cycle, 100% depth square
wave modulation. Three types of GM ‘sweep’ schemes are
introduced, each of which is compared to a typical AM
scheme. The GM schemes are herein labeled line-sweep,
where the heating beam scans back and forth along a
chosen azimuth, completing a full back-forth scan (in this
case ±15) in one ELF/VLF period); sawtooth-sweep,
where the heating beam scans along one chosen azimuth,
completing one sweep across the path in one ELF/VLF
period and starting back at the initial end; and circle-sweep,
where the heated beam follows a circular pattern with some
radius (in this case 15). In these experiments, we utilize an
HF carrier frequency of 3.25 MHz, with X-mode polarization,
and with ERP of
575 MW.

There is a LOT more on this subject — and other uses of this technology:


15 thoughts on “4/2/2012 — Square Waves, Sawtooth Sweeps, and Circle Sweeps — Texas, East Coast, Minnesota, Wisconsin

  1. It looks like “THEY’RE” continuing to soften the NEW MADRID FAULT areas. Prepare for the BIG ONE – APRIL 23, 2012.

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