4/4/2012 — I’m mad as hell , and not going to take it anymore ! (S.W.T. weathermod remix)


special thanks to “Saltwater Trickser” aka Max Cassilly — http://soundcloud.com/max-cassilly

Song name : “Fake Clouds”
Artist : Max Cassilly – saltwater trickster / swt

Nothing planned by me for next tuesday by the way, other than more videos on the topics I cover….these samples are from the movie “network”… http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0074958/

If you wish to learn more about the use of frequency to manipulate the weather.. below are two good beginning links:

First link.. the most recent proof showing the ‘professionals’ using the terminology of “circle sweeps” .. “square waves” .. and “sawtooth sweeps” —– the terms I’ve coined this past year WERE ‘HAARP rings’ , “Scalar Squares”, and “Stairstep patterns”….. both refer to the same process…… spikes of frequency are emitted from ground based facilities (like H.A.A.R.P. in Alaska for instance) to HEAT the upper atmosphere (and beyond) via High frequency VHF .. also using VLF (very low frequency) to produce the same outcome via a process called “Efficiency Scaling”… when VLF changes into VHF in the upper ionosphere.

This is not just limited to Alaska, but using it as a good example.. hundreds of ground based stations exist WORLD WIDE… other countries have their own arrays.. Russia, China, EU — just to name a few.  We are not the only country taking part in this fiasco / tragedy.

Video showing the terminology discovery a week ago:


If you’re really curious, and want to see the documentation we’ve assembled be sure to check this link (I say we, because dozens of researchers have contributed to this post):


Simply put, weather modification has taken a dark turn — we are being experimented upon, and the weather is getting worse because of the processes being used right above us each day.

This needs to stop ASAP.  Injury, death, loss of property, home, possessions — this has gone FAR BEYOND the level of “experimentation”….several of these storms have been accented or possibly even CREATED / DRAWN INTO these frequency injections….. at this point, there is NO WAY IN HELL that “they” (the NWS national weather service, and professionals involved) cannot know this effect is produced by these systems at work.

The geometric modulation is done in a PLANNED MANNER — no accident about it — and the sites being used that we have documented are for sure 100% NWS nexrad sites.  It must be said that SEVERAL NWS / nexrad sites are seen with direct hits 1-2 days after frequency spikes.  It just so happens these direct hits are AIRPORTS where the nexrads are located… Dallas Fort Worth yesterday (4/3/2012) .. lambert st. louis  airport last year .. tampa international back in 2011 … red cloud nebraska 2011… intersection of hwy 92 & 83 North of N. Platte NE 2011 5 times, Rayne Louisiana 2011 , Hopkinsville Kentucky 2011 , key west florida 2011 3 times …

This list goes on.. but one thing remains the same.. in EACH instance.. a FLASH into high frequency was seen 1-2 days BEFORE the storms hit the places directly with tornadoes.  Each time the above occurred.. this was documented.. screenshots taken, and videos released.  Search my past videos to see all the previous reports:


15 thoughts on “4/4/2012 — I’m mad as hell , and not going to take it anymore ! (S.W.T. weathermod remix)

  1. Or one could file a quo warranto prroceeding–by what right does the government have to cause such death and destruction by such experimentation–and for writs of mandamus and prohibition to bring owning the weather by 2025 to a halt. Once that is accomplished then similar proceedings in the international court system to stop other offending countries.

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