4/7/2012 — Stanford VLF/HAARP papers disappeared from the internet

UPDATE monday 4.9.2012 — Go figure… about a week after we are vindicated … they pull the documents from the net.. AND zap the archive going back to 2008!

Lucky for us… we backed it all up !


Here is my original video from last week:



In the Stanford paper .. THEY (the professionals at Stanford / HAARP) call this “geometric modulation”….. specifically, they refer to the types of PULSES emitted and give these pulses NAMES.

The names they use for the ‘shaped pulses’ are : Circle Sweep, Square Wave, and Sawtooth Sweep.

Again for the record, I’ve been calling these RADAR signatures over the past year ‘HAARP rings’ they call them ‘Circle sweeps’…… I’ve been calling them ‘Scalar Squares’ they call them ‘Square Waves’ ……. I’ve been calling them ‘Stairstep Patterns they call them ‘Sawtooth Sweeps’.

Regardless of terminology, the effect we’re describing is the same.. a ‘pulsed pattern’ which heats the area around the pulsing station.

I really can’t figure out WHY they removed all the HAARP stanford VLF documents.. they’ve been up since 2008.

But alas, they are gone this week…. coincidence — right?!

NEW links to the archives are below.


here is the original link: (not working now)


here is the google cache of that link from Stanford:


here is the wayback machine archive of the Stanford page:


Below is the same .pdf available for download from my dutchsinse site — download it and share / backup.


Again, for the record, for the skeptics who said I was lying or how did they so bluntly put it.. they falsely accused me of FRAUD!!!  Saying I was MAKING THIS ALL UP !

What an EPIC FAIL on their part, and what a difference a year makes!!

Turns out these are what the PROFESSIONALS from Stanford call these same HAARP signatures …. Square Wave, Sawtooth Sweeps, and Circle Sweeps.

If you haven’t put it together yet… Scalar Squares = Square Wave, stairstep pattern = sawtooth sweep, and HAARP ring = Circle Sweep.

To read the terms — look at page 2, section 2, subsection 11:

2nd thing to be vindicated was PREPLANNED EARTHQUAKES / Man made events …. the mexico 7.9 magnitude was indeed pre-planned for over a month before hand…. to the DAY, MINUTE, HOUR, exact COUNTRY, exact magnitude …

Here is the full post PROVING this to be the case: https://sincedutch.wordpress.com/2012/03/21/3202012-alert-mexico-7-9m-earthquake-pre-planned-verified-simulation-for-march-20-2012/

And also proved correct on volcanic plumes coming from dormant volcanic spots:


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