4/12/2012 — TWO LARGE QUAKES = 6.9M and 6.2M strike southern California / Baja Mexico

watch the video alert here:



Magnitude 6.9 – GULF OF CALIFORNIA

2012 April 12 07:15:48 UTC

Earthquake Details

  • This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.
Magnitude 6.9
  • Thursday, April 12, 2012 at 07:15:48 UTC
  • Thursday, April 12, 2012 at 12:15:48 AM at epicenter
Location 28.790°N, 113.142°W
Depth 10.3 km (6.4 miles)
  • 134 km (83 miles) NE (48°) from Guerrero Negro, Baja California Sur, Mexico
  • 162 km (101 miles) W (268°) from La Doce, Sonora, Mexico
  • 180 km (112 miles) NNW (334°) from Santa Rosalia, Baja Calif. Sur, Mexico
  • 214 km (133 miles) W (262°) from Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico
  • 557 km (346 miles) SE (137°) from Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico



Magnitude 6.2 – GULF OF CALIFORNIA

2012 April 12 07:06:01 UTC

Versión en Español

Earthquake Details

  • This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.
Magnitude 6.2
Location 28.841°N, 113.072°W
Depth 10.1 km (6.3 miles)
Distances 142 km (88 miles) NE of Guerrero Negro, Baja Calif. Sur, Mexico
182 km (113 miles) NNW of Santa Rosalia, Baja Calif. Sur, Mexico
207 km (128 miles) W of Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico
519 km (322 miles) S of PHOENIX, Arizona


To say we are currently under a global state of unrest is putting things MILDLY.

This is the time to be on HIGH preparedness alert ! Two large 6.9M and 6.2M earthquakes have now struck southern california…

That is on TOP of the 8.9M, 8.7M, 8.2M, 6.0M in sumatra.. on TOP of the 7.0M in Mexico.. on TOP of the 6.0M off the coast of Oregon… on TOP of the 6.1M in Japan… on TOP of the 4.5 off the EAST COAST new england.. on TOP of the 4.8 in south Utah… all in less than 24 hours !

Not counting tornadoes in Puerto Rico, or FOUR FEET OF HAIL in texas !

needless to say.. be on the watch and be prepared… food, water, shelter, transportation, communications, and self defense — these basic needs MUST be met in order for anyone to survive for longer than a few days.

don’t be scared — BE PREPARED !  know the facts, share the information.. let loved ones know .

Below is a screenshot of the USGS feed on earthquake3d — last 24 hours approx — April 11 into April 12, 2012

Use the links below to monitor earthquakes in your area:

Volcano webcams:Yellowstone park geyser webcams: http://www.nps.gov/yell/photosmultimedia/webcams.htm

Japanese Mount Fuji Webcams:



Japanese Sakurajima Volcano webcams: http://webcam-svo2.pr.kyoto-u.ac.jp/local/camera.html 

Sakurajima official youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/cubhf137

Cascades Pacific Northwest webcams: http://www.skimountaineer.com/CascadeSki/CascadeWebCams.php?weather=true

Mount St. Helens webcams: http://www.fs.fed.us/gpnf/volcanocams/msh/

All the known volcano webcams of the world (Italy, Russia, Iceland, South/Central America, Spain and several other locations) : http://bigthink.com/ideas/26619


United States earthquake sources:

List of US  seismographs : http://www.ceri.memphis.edu/seismic/heli/index.html

Arkansas seismic network: http://www.geology.ar.gov/geohazards/ark_seismic_network.htm

map of New Madrid Seismic Zone seismograph locations (interactive): http://www.ceri.memphis.edu/seismic/stations/nmsz.html

Midwest USA seismographs:









USGS netquakes site live :



New Madrid seismic zone (NMSZ information): http://www.showme.net/~fkeller/quake/maps.htm

Pacific Northwest Seismic Network :



Official USGS earthquake site: http://earthquake.usgs.gov/

USGS live internet seismic server: http://aslwww.cr.usgs.gov/Seismic_Data/heli2.shtml

USGS full index of seismographs : http://aslwww.cr.usgs.gov/Seismic_Data/telemetry_data/

California seismographs:



USGS ANSS seismograph backbone:



USGS weekly volcanism report: http://www.volcano.si.edu/reports/usgs/

USGS Hawaii data clearinghouse: http://hawaii.wr.usgs.gov/

USGS Hawaii earthquakes : http://tux.wr.usgs.gov/

Alaska Volcano observatory: http://www.avo.alaska.edu/

Mount Baker (pacific northwest): http://mbvrc.wwu.edu/index.shtml

West Coast / Alaska Tsunami warning center: http://wcatwc.arh.noaa.gov/events/eventmap.php

Pacific Tsunami Warning center: http://ptwc.weather.gov/

National Data Buoy Center (monitor buoys for wave activity): http://www.ndbc.noaa.gov/

Pacific  Basin Information node: http://www.nbii.gov/portal/server.pt?open=512&objID=240&mode=2&in_hi_userid=2&cached=true

East coast (columbia college) seismographs: http://www.ldeo.columbia.edu/cgi-bin/LCSN/WebSeis/24hr_heli.pl?id=

Yellowstone supervolcano seismographs: http://www.isthisthingon.org/Yellowstone/daythumbs.php

Montana .edu / yellowstone seismographs: http://mbmgquake.mtech.edu/earthworm/wavef_disp/current/welcome.html

University of Utah yellowstone seismographs: http://www.quake.utah.edu/helicorder/


Rest of the world (always updating with more):

Mexico seismographs: http://www.ssn.unam.mx/

Belgium seismographs: http://seismologie.oma.be/index.php?LANG=NL&LEVEL=210

Philippines earthquakes and volcanic activity: http://www.phivolcs.dost.gov.ph/

Swiss seismology: http://www.seismo.ethz.ch/index

Canadian seismographs:





Russian seismographs: http://www.ceme.gsras.ru/ccd.htm

Japanese seismographs: http://www.gsi.go.jp/ENGLISH/index.html

Thailand seismicity / seismographs : http://www.seismology.tmd.go.th/en/index.php

Australian seismographs:



Netherlands seismographs: http://www.knmi.nl/seismologie/aardbevingen-nederland.html

New Zealand seismographs: http://quake.crowe.co.nz/Mobile/

Iceland seismographs: http://en.vedur.is/earthquakes-and-volcanism/earthquakes/

England / UK seismographs: http://www.earthquakes.bgs.ac.uk/helicorder/heli.html

Italy seismographs: http://cnt.rm.ingv.it

Taiwain  earthquake information: http://www.cwb.gov.tw/V6e/index.htm

EMSC European Mediterranean earthquake agency map/index :




Spanish (El Hierro Canary islands) seismographs: http://www.01.ign.es/ign/head/volcaSenalesAnterioresDia.do?nombreFichero=CHIE_2011-11-03&ver=s&estacion=CHIE&Anio=2011&Mes=11&Dia=03&tipo=2

Indonesia seismographs: http://aeic.bmg.go.id/


Global links for earthquake monitoring:

Monitor earths rotation: http://hpiers.obspm.fr/ 

COSMOS earthquake data global list: http://db.cosmos-eq.org/scripts/earthquakes.plx

Download the free version of earthquake3D: http://download.cnet.com/Earthquake-3D/3000-2054_4-10395116.html

Global IRIS earthquake browser: http://www.iris.edu/servlet/eventserver/map.do

Global earthquake mashup of EMSC, USGS, GFZ : http://www.oe-files.de/gmaps/eqmashup.html

Topographic maps of the USA and Canada: http://www.topozone.com/

intellicast (turn on earthquake view): http://www.intellicast.com/Local/WxMapFull.aspx

Global Incident Map: http://www.globalincidentmap.com/

RSOE EDIS global incident map : http://hisz.rsoe.hu/alertmap/

22 thoughts on “4/12/2012 — TWO LARGE QUAKES = 6.9M and 6.2M strike southern California / Baja Mexico

  1. Hey Dutch, first, thank you!

    Next, what is up with the ANSS seis graphs? Are they going bonkers? Or are the being coveredover? They are almost solid they are so marked up?

    Much love back!
    OsceolaOz in Ohio

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