4/16/2012 — Midwest storms developing KS CO OK — also TX, LA, MS, AL, FL, GA, SC, NC, VA

watch the update here:


screenshot at 820pm CDT 4/16/2012:

South USA — Texas (south texas ).. moving northeast from Brownsville .. south of Houston out to sea… will come back ashore at some point NE of Houston.. most likely a bit west of New Orleans….. Then will be moving NE through Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South/North Carolina , and possibly the panhandle north portion of Florida.

Central USA — midwest — Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma border region .. damaging winds, strong cell thunderstorms popping up.. moving ENE from that tri-state border region in SW Kansas/SE Colorado/NW Oklahoma.

West Coast USA — strong cell thunderstorms are coming ashore with the next low pressure system (our next big weather maker).

link below to dozens of weather monitoring sites:


9 thoughts on “4/16/2012 — Midwest storms developing KS CO OK — also TX, LA, MS, AL, FL, GA, SC, NC, VA

  1. The CBC News outlet in Canada is now reporting on two new studies apparently confirming DutchSinse’s contention that gas well fracking can cause earthquakes.

    However, by contrast, they’ve buried the 6.7 quake in Chile today despite the fact that the Canadian Prime Minister and his wife were in the country at the time and only a short distance away from the epicenter. WTF is going on? This should be the biggest story in the country today and yet it’s been relegated to the middle of the website instead of the front page!

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