4/27/2012 — Cloud of depleted URANIUM heading towards Hawaii and West Coast USA?!

watch the video explanation here:


UPDATE 5/3/2012: After several days of waiting for any possible precipitation to fall.. the geiger counters show slightly elevated levels compared to last week, but at least 40-50CPM BELOW alert level.  Alert level is 100CPM.

This is somewhat good news, however this means it was for sure  chemicals in the cloud column.

You know its a sad day, when one says “whew!  thank god it was only a CHEMICAL plant exploding”…



5 days ago (april 22, 2012) this occurred in Japan :


The Mitsui petrochemical plant has been rocked by a second explosion as the plant owner is now claiming the radioactive agents are harmless to people.

(ENENews) – “Did not appear to have any effect on radiation levels” –

UPDATED HERE: NHK: Another Mitsui chemical plant had trouble BEFORE multiple explosions — All plants were halted at time of blasts (VIDEO)

UPDATE II: AFP: Officials “waiting for combustible materials to burn out” after Japan explosions — Fire not extinguished — May take days to determine cause

UPDATE III: Kyodo Gets Suspicious? Mitsui “claimed” radioactive agent is harmless to people — Radiation mentioned 4 times — Explosions started breaking out while shutting down plant

Follow-up to: Explosion at Japan chemical complex, still burning — 3,379 containers of nuclear waste onsite — Reports of depleted uranium — Gov’t says no release of toxic material (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

One employee was killed and 11 others were injured early Sunday as flames and explosions ripped through a glue factory in Waki, Yamaguchi Prefecture, police said. […]

There has been no confirmation that toxic gases were emitted. […]

The plant had 3,400 drums of used catalytic agent that contained radioactive materials on the premises, but the explosions did not appear to have any effect on radiation levels.

The radioactive agent is harmless to people, Mitsui Chemicals claimed.


3400 barrels of depleted uranium were reported to be at this facility.. clearly.. the buildings are destroyed.. and for SURE some form of cloud released —- how much? what was destroyed?  well, we’re left with mainstream reports that give conflicting accounts.

Keep in mind.. LAST YEAR when “they” (over in Japan and the MSM) told us NOTHING OF CONCERN blew at Fukushima.. and it was quote “nothing to worry about”.. then move forward a few months into 2011 … the very same MSM was calling Fukushima the worst nuclear disaster ever.

So , when I see a factory destroyed… and see reports of depleted uranium being exploded into vaporized clouds … and then see the news “fall off the map”… that raises my suspicions.

Whatever type of cloud blew off.. its now coming across the pacific ocean as of FIVE days ago (april 22, 2012).. putting the current “projected” path of this cloud to be somewhere just northwest of Hawaii.. heading east across the pacific ocean towards the west coast USA.

use the links below to monitor radiation, (as well as rough dosage charts) — use the other link to monitor the jet stream / storms off the west coast soon to be coming to the US:


Jet stream, and weather monitoring links:

22 thoughts on “4/27/2012 — Cloud of depleted URANIUM heading towards Hawaii and West Coast USA?!

  1. I appreciate your ability to get the news out ot us. I have lots of friends that live out west + they need to be made aware of the truth.

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