4/29/2012 — Japan ‘cloud’ UPDATE — petro-chem or radioactive = west coast arrival now

watch the update here:


Whether it is a petro-chemical cloud or a cloud of vaporized barrels of depleted Uranium… its now on the doorstep of the northwest coast of North America.

Coming ashore anywhere from north Oregon, through Washington State, north to British Columbia.

Here is the full report from 2 days ago: plus the link to multiple radiation monitoring sites:


At this point.. there are some reports of NO damage to the 3400 barrels of depleted uranium stored at this levelled factory…. but I cannot find any pictures (or video) to confirm the barrels undamaged / intact.

Conflicting reports are coming out of the area…. alexander higgins covered this fully.  As we know from last year at Fukushima.. best not to take the “official word” of “all clear .. nothing to worry about” with a grain of salt.. and understand that a cloud of SOMETHING was released.   The question is, do you want to get it on your skin when it rains or drink it after it falls to the earth?

As for the cloud itself… no one is denying a large cloud of SOMETHING blew sky high and burned for hours.  It immediately blew off the east coast of Japan with this system we now see coming ashore on the northwest coast —- Washington State, North Oregon, and British Columbia Canada.

Many people took issue with my warning of this cloud coming, saying NOTHING was in the cloud to worry about.   I suppose they are forgetting a chemical factory exploded and its particulate matter was injected into the storm that blew across the pacific.

I don’t think vaporized petro-chemicals OR vaporized depleted uranium are good things to get on your skin or ingest.  So I put out this warning to pay attention to the radiation monitors and to minimize your exposure to the precipitation that is produced off this storm.

Remember, we’re not talking clouds you can see.. its a cloud of small particles mixed in with the coming storm at high altitudes.. it requires the condensation of moisture to trap the particles of (X) and bring them to the ground level.

No doubt SOME chemicals from this factory explosion are going to be in any precipitation falling from this storm.  How much?  What substances?  No one knows.. best to be safe and know this occurred and that it COULD POSSIBLY be in the rain, snow, sleet, hail, or fog.

Monitor radiation using multiple links here:


Monitor jet stream and weather feeds here:


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