5/3/2012 — 2nd Round of Scalar Squares, Sawtooth and Circle Sweeps / HAARP rings = WTFrequency


confirmations listed below: compare the original screenshots (or watch the video).. and then look at the screenshots of the confirmations of each area being hit like expected with damaging winds, hail, and tornadoes within 24-72 hours..


UPDATE 5/6/2012: 320am CDT:

Confirmation update #15: NW Iowa — Orange City — Just SE of Sioux Center was hit with a VERY STRANGE storm :

also getting tornadoes at 300am CDT

screenshot at 310am CDT 5/6/2012:

compare where Orange City Iowa is to this shot from 2-3 days ago: SAME SPOT as the circle sweep / ‘HAARP ring’ and ‘Scalar Square’: screenshot below from 5/3/2012 (orange city IA, is just SE of sioux center)


UPDATE 5/5/2012: 1045pm CDT:

Confirmation update #14:  Possible tornadoes heading ENE from North Platte Nebraska to St. Paul Minnesota

Screenshot at 1045pm CDT 5/5/2012:


UPDATE 5/5/2012: 610pm CDT:

Confirmation update #13:  NWS issues severe thunderstorm watches and warnings SW of Dallas Texas just north of San Antonio TX  — hail , damaging winds detected

screenshot at 610pm CDT 5/5/2012:


UPDATE 5/5/2012: 604pm CDT:

Confirmation update #12:  NWS issues tornado watches for Nebraska heading up towards Saint Paul Minnesota — hail , damaging winds detected as well directly outside of St. Paul, MN

screenshot at 600pm CDT 5/5/2012:


UPDATE 5/4/2012: 740pm CDT:

Confirmation update #11:  Northeast (new england) IN, IL, KY, OH, PA, WV, VA, MD, NJ, NY, VT, MA, CT, DE, NC, DC, RI = Hail, damaging winds

screenshot at 740pm CDT 5/4/2012:


UPDATE 5/4/2012: 730pm CDT:

Confirmation update #10: Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota under Tornado warnings, severe thunderstorms, damaging winds, and hail

screenshot at 730pm CDT 5/4/2012:


UPDATE 5/4/2012: 720pm CDT:

Confirmation update #9:  Southwest, Central, and North Texas under possible tornadoes, damaging winds, and hail:

screenshot at 720pm CDT 5/4/2012:


UPDATE 5/4/2012: 710am CDT:

Confirmation update #8:  north Missouri, Central Illinois (directly over Lincoln IL to Peoria), and Des Moines Iowa region receive hail, damaging winds, and possible tornadoes

Screenshot at 710am CDT 5/4/2012:


UPDATE 5/4/2012: 705am CDT:

Confirmation update #7: SW of Oklahoma City .. tornado detected .. damaging winds and hail

screenshot at 700am CDT 5/4/2012:


UPDATE 5/4/2012: 702am CDT:

Confirmation update #6: South Dakota heading towards St. Paul MN, and Des Moines Iowa… starting to flare up.. damaging winds/hail

Screenshot at 700am CDT 5/4/2012:


UPDATE 5/3/2012 at 855pm CDT:

Confirmation update #5:  Central Michigan.. north of lansing.. south of Mt. Pleasant .. Tornado detected

screenshot at 855pm CDT 5/3/2012:


UPDATE 5/3/2012 at 845pm CDT:

Confirmation update #4:  Entire region goes severe… tornado watches, warnings, hail, and damaging winds:

screenshot at 845pm CDT 5/3/2012:


UPDATE 5/3/2012 at 840pm CDT:

Confirmation update #3:  Central Michigan under damaging winds, and hail also severe thunderstorm warnings from the NWS

screenshot at 840pm CDT 5/3/2012:


UPDATE 5/3/2012 at 835pm CDT:

Confirmation update #2:  Davenport Iowa, under damaging winds, and hail.. tornadoes heading towards downtown Davenport

screenshot at 835pm CDT 5/3/2012:


UPDATE 5/3/2012 at 830pm CDT:

Confirmation update #1:  Chicago gets hail, damaging winds and a severe thunderstorm warning, and tornado watch just to the south

screenshot at 830pm CDT 5/3/2012:



Several areas currently under severe weather… use the links here to stay up to date on these developing severe cells:


Here is the forecast of what to watch out for still.. we still have about 36-48 hours left in the original forecast:  virtually all the areas have been hit (save two Lincoln IL, and Elizabethtown KY .. these two should be hit today at some point)..

Also included in the below link are all the confirmation shots over the past 24 hours of each town being hit … again… keep in mind .. we still have another full day or more to go before this forecast expires…


Then.. to top it off.. this AM.. starting about 300am CDT 5/3/2012 — all the same areas to the north and Midwest (MN to OH) were hit with AMISR ‘scalar squares’.. Sawtooth and Circle Sweeps (HAARP rings) for a 2nd time

Here are the screenshot of the NEW areas hit.. several of the same areas as the previous forecast like Saint Paul, MN — Des Moines IA — and Cincinnati Ohio

After today’s additional frequency injection to the mix … add to the list Duluth MN — Jamestown to Fargo North Dakota  — Red Cloud to Hastings Nebraska — Big Rapids to Grayling Michigan

The amount of frequency injection into this storms has been excessive.  Virtually all the areas named in the first forecast have either been hit with damaging winds, hail, and possible tornadoes.

Screenshots are below.

Make note of each [circle sweep /’HAARP ring’,  sawtooth sweep, scalar square] effected area and watch for the most severe part of the coming storms to hit the area epicenter directly or within approx 50 miles or less… within 48 hours usually.

Here is the full post I put together explaining what I think is going on with frequency / weather modification:



from intellicast at approx 330am to 530am CDT 5/3/2012 :


More shots on 5/3/2012 near midnight..going into 5/4/2012:

Notice… the rings appear first.. then followed by the “geometric modulation” from what may be a groundbased AMISR 3D-RADAR imaging scan in HF.

Rings appear first:

Followed by a flash into the high RF .. showing up as a “scalar square”:  Here is a mid-way morphing shot from ring into square/sawtooth :

This next shot shows the same frequency outbreak in its next more intense pulse phase.. returning as multiple ‘scalar squares’ or a sawtooth:


The above example of going from Circle Sweep (HAARP ring) to Scalar Square …. also took place down in South Texas at approximately the same time:

First the Circle Sweeps (HAARP rings) appear:

Then, after the circle sweep (HAARP ring) .. we see the next phase of pulsing begin.. taking the geometric modulation higher.. returning as a square shape intermixed with the circle sweeps and regular storm returns:

And then finally.. after going from Circle Sweep to Scalar Square.. we see a full Sawtooth sweep:


Just before south Texas and Minnesota/Illinois having THEIR circle sweep/scalar square outbreaks…

This same process occurred just west of Dallas Texas:

First the circle sweep (HAARP ring):

Followed by the transition to a ‘scalar square’ :

16 thoughts on “5/3/2012 — 2nd Round of Scalar Squares, Sawtooth and Circle Sweeps / HAARP rings = WTFrequency

  1. This is incredible Dutch! The square waves, saw-tooth sweeps, and circle sweeps are totally undeniable, and Kevin cannot tell me these indications on radar are normal, or explained in any other way!!! And your track record is better than 90%! Thanks for all that you do. I’m certain many lives have been saved as a result of your advanced warnings! Keep up the great work, friend!!

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