5/4/2012 — Circle Sweep / ‘HAARP ring” causes storm = ‘smoking gun proof’

Watch the video here:


Here is the original video from bethanyhome7… many thanks to her..

You can subscribe to her channel here:



You can view the event on back dated NEXRAD —

here is the direct link:

UPDATE 4/14/2013: THEY CUT THIS FEED.. now gone from the database…!!! LOL.. epic fail on their part..


Or you can search it yourself:

Station name DDC… Date .. 2012, May 4 at about 6z 0minutes (UTC) or midnight local time in Dodge City Kansas.


I call this “smoking gun proof” because it is clearly a flash into the high RF like we’ve seen many times before.. only it is VERY quick and VERY intense.. and instead of having to wait 2 days to prove a storm hits…

Finally!  after a year of searching.. we see it occur LIVE on RADAR!

Here is my post on high frequency manipulation of the atmosphere to produce such events as seen in this video:


Here are DOZENS of past forecast examples using the Circle Sweep / Scalar Square / HAARP ring method:

8 thoughts on “5/4/2012 — Circle Sweep / ‘HAARP ring” causes storm = ‘smoking gun proof’

  1. First off, bravo on actually giving credit to Bethany.

    Second, dutch why do you insist on using the word HAARP in all that you do, when you clearly have no clue about HAARP? Why do you mislead people into thinking HAARP has anything to do with NEXRAD anomalies. The tide is turning against you, your bullshit won’t stand much longer.

    I tried to get you to see the truth, you are a blind scared sheep who enjoys watching other fearful sheep tremble at your doomsday prediction of the week.

    I know the guy from The Weather Space is a questionable fellow, but he speaks the truth here:

    Dutch, words are very important, and the words you use make you look like a scammer, a liar, and a manipulator. You have to know by now that HAARP has nothing to do with radar flashes on a NEXRAD. You choose to ignore the real issues surrounding HAARP, and fill so many people with false truth for your own personal glorification.

    Your lying days are numbered, something special is planned, and you sir, will be the butt of the joke since you are unable to learn from your mistakes and correct your statements.

    Enjoy your HAARP ring propaganda, its time is limited. The truth is getting out, you aren’t the one telling it, and you mislead your flock with claims of absolute certainty in the face of your complete lack of understanding radar anomalies and HAARP after years of bullshitting people.

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