5/4/2012 — Circle Sweep / ‘HAARP ring” causes storm = ‘smoking gun proof’

Watch the video here:


Here is the original video from bethanyhome7… many thanks to her..

You can subscribe to her channel here:



You can view the event on back dated NEXRAD —

here is the direct link:

UPDATE 4/14/2013: THEY CUT THIS FEED.. now gone from the database…!!! LOL.. epic fail on their part..


Or you can search it yourself:

Station name DDC… Date .. 2012, May 4 at about 6z 0minutes (UTC) or midnight local time in Dodge City Kansas.


I call this “smoking gun proof” because it is clearly a flash into the high RF like we’ve seen many times before.. only it is VERY quick and VERY intense.. and instead of having to wait 2 days to prove a storm hits…

Finally!  after a year of searching.. we see it occur LIVE on RADAR!

Here is my post on high frequency manipulation of the atmosphere to produce such events as seen in this video:


Here are DOZENS of past forecast examples using the Circle Sweep / Scalar Square / HAARP ring method:

8 thoughts on “5/4/2012 — Circle Sweep / ‘HAARP ring” causes storm = ‘smoking gun proof’

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