5/5/2012 — SIGN THE WHITEHOUSE PETITION — Shut down nuclear reactors like Japan

watch the video here:


full text below  the video:

Here is the short link to sign the petition: needs 25,000+ signatures ASAP!


from the whitehouse.gov petition instructions: we have 30 days to get 25,000+ LEGITIMATE signatures from US Citizens:


“You now have 30 days to get 25,000 signatures in order for your petition to be reviewed by the White House. Until your petition has 150 signatures, it will only be available from the following URL and will not be publicly viewable on the Open Petitions section of We the People:”

here is the long version of the link:



text of the petition:

we petition the obama administration to:  shut down ALL nuclear reactors 1 at a time, safety as the reason. Must be made to withstand Earthquakes / Tsunamis.

Recently, (May 5 2012) Japan has announced the SHUT DOWN of its final nuclear power plant.

The entire country is now operating free from nuclear power.

Here is the MSM news story confirmation released May 5, 2012:


This petition of redress to the Whitehouse, specifically to President Obama, is aimed to mimic the reduction, and eventual ELIMINATION of all nuclear power plants within the Continental United States of America.

The shutdown process: Close each nuclear plant when it comes up for safety review. The reason for shutdown will be for the plant to assure it is 100% earthquake / tsunami proof.

If the plant is not deemed 100% Earthquake / Tsunami proof, then it will be permanently closed.


UPDATE 1045pm CDT 5/8/2012:

777 out of 25,000 signatures…. at this pace… no hope…..

In a sad, self centered display of greed, and general not caring attitude towards the planet or other people….  most people resisting this idea are throwing up the “money” excuse as to why they don’t want to sign this….. they want cheap hamburgers, cheap tvs/computers , and power to run them, over all else it seems.

Money trumps safety and common sense logic.  Love it.. Im not going to blame the NWO for the problems of the world.. Im now seeing it for what it is… the NWO exists because of our society and the pocketbook money zombies… the pollution, corruption, and downright evil tendencies of our “society” are what is to blame for all the problems of the world.

I’ll admit I’ve been part of the problem in the past — so should you.   We all are to blame for having lethal reactors outside each city — we all have to either scale back or Like im saying.. WE SHOULD MAKE BETTER POWER GENERATION FACILITIES…. not glorified 18th century steam engines powered by million year lingering lethal material…

I don’t want to live in “little house on the prairie”… I want to see a ‘Star trek future’…. this means we’ve got to drop nuclear and also NOT go back to coal wood burning stoves..

time to innovate not invest in the stock market… if you people want to eat and breathe money.. good luck… time to put up or shut up… next big nuclear disaster is on you guys who didn’t sign.  Don’t say you didn’t have the chance to try to do something to make a difference in the long term.

Its almost as though people aren’t reading the fact that Im saying ONE AT A TIME —- over many years —- to be replaced with other forms of generation NOT to be eliminated off the grid… to still provide electricity … just not via 18th century steam engines powered by 1950’s ingenuity ..


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