5/7/2012 – Severe weather = 2-3 days be alert Midwest, North, South, East and West

video here:


screenshots at 430am CDT 5/7/2012:

Strong cells in the Midwest, North, and South … heading ENE ..

Strong cells forming out in Colorado, New Mexico heading ENE :

watch the west coast for the coming storm over the next few days:


Use the links here to monitor severe weather breaking out over the next few days — be alert today in the Midwest / Mid Atlantic / New England / East Coast / Southeast / and South .


Severe weather carries on — either currently in or will be entering into : Missouri , Illinois , Indiana , Michigan , Ohio , Pennsylvania , New York , Arkansas , Kentucky , Tennessee , West Virginia , Virginia , Mississippi , Alabama , Georgia , Maryland , Washington DC , Delaware, Connecticut , Massachusetts , Vermont, Maine , Rhode Island, and possibly even in the far south and southeast — Texas, Louisiana, and Florida Panhandle….. South and North Carolina as well ..

Out West — we see Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and East Wyoming with strong cells breaking out… heading ENE eventually towards  Nebraska , Kansas, South Dakota , Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin again..

Far Northwest — watch Oregon, Washington State, and Idaho for the next line of storms to come ashore.

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