6/5/2012 — Severe weather outbreak = MT ID WY UT CO OK TX LA MS AL GA FL

watch the update here:


screenshots at 800pm CDT 6/5/2012:

Montana, and SW Canada — tornado WARNINGS and watches … be alert of these very strong storms heading WNW currently.. back towards the west coast and British Columbia .   Hail , and damaging wind are also associated with these cells…. Canadians and people in Montana should most certainly be prepared for this system (which has been underway since YESTERDAY 6/4/2012).

Further southeast.. moving through Colorado, into Oklahoma and Texas… damaging  winds, and hail as well…….

Across the south.. extending from Texas .. east along the gulf coast … through Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida…. damaging winds, large hail, and tornado WARNINGS (not just watches).

In New Mexico — one lone cell has severe thunderstorm warnings associated.

The system in the Pacific Northwest — moveing Eastward … but pulling storms up from the south.. back to the PNW.  Will pass through Calgary, and Sakskatoon areas in SW Canada.

Far south.. the tropical moisture is flowing from mexico, across east cuba.. and then fully across Florida — extending up into the Atlantic ocean.

Use the links here to monitor severe weather currently breaking out:


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