6/7/2012 — RADIATION ALERT on multiple systems — North Indiana – South Michigan

watch the video here:


last night a THIRD site may have recorded the radiation event in Indiana.. not just radiation network and blackcatsystems ..


Large spike in RADON across the upper midwest? large radon returns in the upper midwest on multiple stations:



update 4am CDT 6/7/2012:

Nicholas Stewart thank you!!!!
From radiationnetwork’s website,
“Update: 6/6/12, 11:55 P.M. – Very high reading in South Bend, IN station this evening. Reason unknown. Station unresponsive to contact at this late hour. Since this same station has triggered the Alert system before, which Alerts may have been false, and because his current readings do not appear to be corroborated by nearby stations, we have disabled his station for the time being. Will report back when we know more.”


Radiation monitoring links here:


Blackcatsystems and Radiation Network shown in the video… location in question is north Indiana at the Michigan Border.

TWO different systems.. both showing HUGE spikes in radiation detection..

here is the actual chart from the blackcatsystems location


.. it is similar to the readings also obtained on Radiation Network — Alert Level on Radiation Network is 100CPM….. level I personally saw peak was in the 1500CPM range … others reported as high as 7000CPM…

On Blackcatsystems.. the highest levels I personally have seen so far is the 4500uR/hr range.

Both levels are EXTREMELY (lethally) high if under prolonged exposure (if legitimate).

25 thoughts on “6/7/2012 — RADIATION ALERT on multiple systems — North Indiana – South Michigan

  1. They should leave it up regardless, because what if it IS a real alert–as it shows on TWO different systems!!!!!!!
    Afterall, isn’t what these radiation monitors are SUPPOSED to be for–to alert you when there is DANGER.

    • Living in Nor Cal, I clicked on the red showing in that area. It came back near Mt. Lassen, a volcano. I then clicked on several others and noticed that they appeared to also be located in the near vicinity of other extinct or dormant volcanoes. Has anyone else noticed this?

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