7/22/2012 — Coast to Coast AM discusses the FBI document warning for possible theater attacks in the USA

many thanks to John at Coast to Coast AM for getting this information out to the broadcast world.


at 48min 50seconds they begin discussing the document in question.



Update 7/22/2012: Coast to Coast AM discussed this document


here is the information again (posted below):

This document is NOT fake, or made up by me.   just do the search going back through May and June.   Its there.

I’ll make it easy, and even do the search FOR you!

here you go :



UPDATE 7.21:  the news made it out !! infowars (alex jones) http://www.infowars.com and several other news sites have picked up this news and are analyzing the ramifications of it.

thanks to all for sharing!


A FBI / DHS warning for possible theater attacks was issued on May 17, 2012.

google cache of the document:


.pdf download via google cache:


here is the original link that was taken down off google [now has been restored :^) ]



it appears this FBI story broke on Huffingtonpost today at 4pm-ish

thanks to liz pressman for doing the sleuthwork!


quote from Huffintonpost :

“3:21 PM — 07/20/2012
DHS Warned About Threats In Movie Theaters

The Department of Homeland Security in a May 17, 2012 memo, warned that American movie theaters were increasingly likely targets for terrorist attacks, primarily because they packed many people into one tightly confined place.

An early April 2012 suicide bombing of a theater in Somalia and a violent extremist communication advocating attacks on US theaters highlight terrorists’ continued interest in attacking such venues. Although we have no specific or credible information indicating that terrorists plan to attack theaters in the United States, terrorists may seek to emulate overseas attacks on theaters here in the United States because they have the potential to inflict mass casualties and cause local economic damage.

Colorado police have said that the Aurora killings do not appear to be linked to terrorist activity.

– Sam Stein”


This may be another case of :  foot + step + manure + deep = dutchsinse

many thanks to julio rausseo for getting this information out to the community!!

be sure to subscribe to his channel linked below .. he’s broke several stories in the past few months…. and hosts a radio show from time to time (rense radio) …


3 thoughts on “7/22/2012 — Coast to Coast AM discusses the FBI document warning for possible theater attacks in the USA

  1. Listen to Coast every night, fell asleep on this one, thanks for the tape. Here is another news article on the Roll Call http://tinyurl.com/btuteb5

    What really bothers me is the fact at the bottom MSM probably had access on need to know basis, and nobody in MSM gave anybody any warning about possible theater shootings this summer.

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