10/27/2012 — Hurricane Sandy MICROWAVE ANOMALY

This is like a repeat of last years Hurricane Irene…

Below are the microwave images of Hurricane Sandy — October 26, 27 2012 — clearly an anomaly is occurring:

link here: (click on MIMIC option on the left menu) http://tropic.ssec.wisc.edu/


The microwave anomaly is on TOP of the ‘HAARP ring” pulse we saw last night Oct 26, 2012: (be aware of a tornado threat at the center of the pulse for up to 2 days AFTER the hurricane passes)



Does any of this sound familiar?  

If you’re a viewer of mine from last year — you have heard this particular scenario before !

Last year, Hurricane Irene, August 26, 2011,  we saw a microwave “anomaly” interfere with the center of the storm:


Last years microwave anomaly happened near the same time as an intense “HAARP ring” pulse from North Carolina.

Worthy to note, last year — after this pulse occurred (seen below in multiple screenshots) , 2 days later we saw TORNADOES go to the center of this pulse area:


Overall, I would say the chances of BOTH these types of events happening TWICE .. ONLY during hurricanes off the East Coast USA … are slim to none.

Most likely, a form of weather modification occurring.

Read more about the ‘HAARP ring’ pulse from RADAR — the microwave anomaly is a real unknown still — trying to figure out what is causing this.


86 thoughts on “10/27/2012 — Hurricane Sandy MICROWAVE ANOMALY

  1. Next time you see these intense/anomalous microwave signals triangulate them and you’ll find that they’re coming from Airports. You see, they’re now using airports’ flight control radars to influence/manipulate weather.

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