10/28/2012 — Mexico ‘Spiral Vortex’ shaped RADAR return — Coming from La Canada , Mexico


Coming out of central Mexico:  Location La Canada Mexico — October 27, 2012(pm) going into October 28, 2012 CDT:

location:  La Canada Mexico — what are the chances?!


several screenshots high quality below : click all pics below and above to enlarge:

71 thoughts on “10/28/2012 — Mexico ‘Spiral Vortex’ shaped RADAR return — Coming from La Canada , Mexico

      • Living next to the ocean in the pacific NW I have made some very interesting observations as of recently that may /may not be related. Is there an email where information can be shared directly?

      • High level pentagon sources contacted the White Dragon Society this week to warn that the massive storm hitting the US North-East this week was a HAARP (from Benjamin Fulford.) I thought so, but couldn’t figure out how to cantat you and find out before now…

      • Dutch,what do you think of all the reports that are saying the weather modification that was non stop during Sandy was to keep the storm from being as bad/destrictuve?

      • Dutch, I wish you and SO would not fight. You both should be heard. I think the both of you should go back to your corners, look at each others info or where ever he gets his, open mindedly, and see if both of you can figure this thing out. I know you are interested in the truth and I believe your heart is in the right place. It would require that both of you would be open minded though. I have watched you a long time. I am not as educated on this stuff as you all are and would hope that in the interest of finding the TRUTH for all of us that don’t understand the science would be of benefit to us all. Love and Blessings sent.

      • Dutch I am sorry for previous comment. I have watched your channel over a year. You have done your reasearch, posted it for all to see and tried to teach us how to do this also. You have been transparent. If anyone disagrees with you they can do more than just say It don’t happen and put up some proof. You already have done your part. Thank You Dutch!

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