11/30/2012 — Strange “vibrations” detected throughout the United States

Seen on multiple nodes managed by different institutions, feeding back to the CERI / Midwest USGS official charts across the region… what can only be described as low end vibrations, over a VERY large area.

NOT to be confused with earthquakes elsewhere around the planet, this is something I have not seen before over such a wide area.

Did the sensor network undergo some kind of damage?  Is there some kind of interference happening?  Is this a REAL detection of low frequency vibrations occurring?

Time will tell on this…


Here is the main link .. .click on CERI, SLU, or any of the other ‘nodes’.. then select 11/30/2012 (most current charts).. and then compare to a few days or weeks, or months ago by clicking back through the charts (listed by date):


use these links here to monitor earthquake activity nationally, and internationally:



The Live Internet Seismic Server also shows this activity. http://earthquake.usgs.gov/monitoring/operations/heliplots_anss.php


I went ahead and put together a few charts into one shareable pic … you can clearly see a baseline (on the right) from a few days ago.. and compare to today (left).. the vibrations are noticeable.   Its across the board.. pretty much the whole country from South Carolina, to Wisconsin.. and beyond.. still trying to check all the charts :

Click the picture for full size:

strange vibrations throughout the midwest USA

11/27/2012 — RADAR frequency pulses (previously called ‘HAARP rings’ or ‘Circle sweeps’)

More on the NEXRAD RADAR frequency pulse phenomenon, and the weather which results from its appearance.

[originally slang termed ‘HAARP rings’ by myself in 2011.. subsequently referred to as ‘Circle sweeps’ and ‘NEXRAD RADAR pulses’… as this is the proper technical terminology to use when referencing these events.]

To see all the past documented appearances of these events, and the followup weather which appeared at each location .. link here:


The above link represents almost 2 years of documentations regarding the NEXRAD RADAR pulses, and followups on the storms which intersect those pulses (within the allotted times stated).


Two days ago — November 25, 2012 at approximately 107 UTC .. a high frequency pulse from the NEXRAD RADAR appeared out of Lacrosse Wisconsin.

I put this watch/alert out on Facebook — watch the area for up to 72 hours for weather to develop , usually severe or odd weather conditions follow these RADAR pulse events

(click below for the full resolution version of the facebook post)


At the time of the pulse, I took screenshots of the regional forecast for La Crosse, Wisconsin, showing FORECAST CLEAR CONDITIONS .. with a ZERO to 10% chance of precipitation… partly cloudy expected.


Move forward 1 day… November 26, 2012 — just beyond 24 hours after the RADAR pulse — a rapid cooling underneath the pulsed area began to occur: (central Wisconsin 3F, 6F, and 9F.. coldest spot under the pulse zone)


Move forward to Today, November 27, 2012 –   at approximately 10pm UTC — we see snow and frozen preciptiation detected in the pulse area — on a forecast clear day:


All of the above assembled into one shareable picture :

(click the picture for the full resolution version)


Link below to read a hypothesis of what I think is causing the pulse, what frequencies are being used/matched/mimicked , how NEXRAD RADAR pulses in the same frequency range as HAARP in Alaska (NEXRAD pulses 0-12.4Mhz.. HAARP pulses 0-10Mhz)…

This link below also covers how NEXRAD RADAR in full functioning 2-3GHz mode, can double as a ground based ionospheric heater / atmospheric heater — capable of targeting high frequency pulses anywhere from ground, to the ionosphere, heating a targeted patch in the sky (via a concentrated beam pulsed anywhere from 20Mhz to 3GHz.. this is documented in a patented process called the “creation of a tiltable artificial ionospheric mirror in the ATMOSPHERE using ground based RADAR or HAARP type facilities).


11/20/2012 — Multiple Fracking earthquakes strike the Central and South USA — CO, OK, IL, AL

The midwest United States is experiencing a rash of earthquakes at fracking / injection well / drilling locations:


Today — at the Illinois / Indiana Border — Mt. Carmel, IL … a 3.6 magnitude earthquake struck in the early evening (November 20, 2012):


2012 November 20 23:28:22 UTC

Earthquake Details

  • This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.
Magnitude 3.6
Location 38.452°N, 87.891°W
Depth 17 km (10.6 miles)
  • 8 km (5 miles) NNE (12°) from Bellmont, IL
  • 9 km (6 miles) E (87°) from Bone Gap, IL
  • 11 km (7 miles) N (350°) from Keensburg, IL
  • 61 km (38 miles) NNW (331°) from Evansville, IN
  • 205 km (128 miles) E (95°) from St. Louis, MO


As it would turn out …. The location is a drilling / injection well :


The greater midwest is not immune the the problem occurring — notice the OTHER areas having earthquakes in the USA this week… Anywhere east of Colorado showing earthquake activity is a fracking location.


Colorado Earthquake Epicenter:

2012 November 19 03:48:55 UTC

Earthquake Details

  • This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.
Magnitude 2.5
Location 37.036°N, 104.677°W
Depth 5 km (3.1 miles)
Distances 21 km (13 miles) SW of Trinidad, Colorado
134 km (83 miles) S of Pueblo, Colorado
145 km (90 miles) S of Pueblo West, Colorado
163 km (101 miles) SSE of Canon City, Colorado


Screenshot of the colorado epicenter:


Oklahoma also had TWO back to back 2.9M earthquakes today (November 20 2012) — and one 3.2M just a few days ago:  All of which occurred at the fracking “depth” of 3.1Miles / 5km ..

Oklahoma back to back 2.9M fracking earthquakes in residential areas:




Alabama as well …. November 19, 2012 :


2012 November 19 15:20:10 UTC

Earthquake Details

  • This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.
Magnitude 2.6
Location 33.690°N, 87.293°W
Depth 1 km (~0.6 mile) set by location program
Distances 12 km (7 miles) SW of Cordova, Alabama
15 km (9 miles) S of Jasper, Alabama
36 km (22 miles) NW of Pleasant Grove, Alabama
37 km (22 miles) NW of Hueytown, Alabama


11/18/2012 — M-Class Flare Today — after Large Solar Prominence eruption yesterday

Had to start a NEW youtube channel — make sure to subscribe http://www.youtube.com/DutchsinseReloaded  — new videos being uploaded there until this account clears up!!

M-Class Flare — Earth Directed — not large enough to cause problems on its own.   The prominence yesterday WILL be grazing earth in the next several days .

Not seeing much on the sites yet about this current M-class though.. showing up about 3 hours ago (1am CST 11/18/2012)



Viewable at: http://www.helioviewer.org (date Nov. 18, 2012) Multiple views using AIA 335, 131, 304

also viewable at: http://sdo.gsfc.nasa.gov/data/


yesterdays large solar prominence eruption can be viewed here:


will be grazing Earth — http://iswa.gsfc.nasa.gov/IswaSystemWebApp/iSWACygnetStreamer?timestamp=2038-01-23+00%3A44%3A00&window=-1&cygnetId=261

11/15/2012 — Global Earthquake Overview — Multiple points of unrest — Have a plan

Video update :



Screenshot below — Last 14 days of 5.0M and greater earthquakes — Western Hemisphere as of Nov. 14, 2012


Screenshot below — Last 14 days of 5.0M and greater earthquakes — Eastern Hemisphere as of Nov. 14, 2012


Screenshot below:  (left) Shale Gas Fracking map shown by President Obama during the State of the Union -2012- address. (right) Diagram of the N. American Craton


Use the links here to monitor earthquakes nationally, and internationally:



Volcano monitoring:



Indo-Australian plate breaking apart:



more on Bayou Corne, Louisiana:



more on the midwest USA New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ):



more on the new lava fields offshore of Oregon discovered last year (2011) :