11/27/2012 — RADAR frequency pulses (previously called ‘HAARP rings’ or ‘Circle sweeps’)

More on the NEXRAD RADAR frequency pulse phenomenon, and the weather which results from its appearance.

[originally slang termed ‘HAARP rings’ by myself in 2011.. subsequently referred to as ‘Circle sweeps’ and ‘NEXRAD RADAR pulses’… as this is the proper technical terminology to use when referencing these events.]

To see all the past documented appearances of these events, and the followup weather which appeared at each location .. link here:


The above link represents almost 2 years of documentations regarding the NEXRAD RADAR pulses, and followups on the storms which intersect those pulses (within the allotted times stated).


Two days ago — November 25, 2012 at approximately 107 UTC .. a high frequency pulse from the NEXRAD RADAR appeared out of Lacrosse Wisconsin.

I put this watch/alert out on Facebook — watch the area for up to 72 hours for weather to develop , usually severe or odd weather conditions follow these RADAR pulse events

(click below for the full resolution version of the facebook post)


At the time of the pulse, I took screenshots of the regional forecast for La Crosse, Wisconsin, showing FORECAST CLEAR CONDITIONS .. with a ZERO to 10% chance of precipitation… partly cloudy expected.


Move forward 1 day… November 26, 2012 — just beyond 24 hours after the RADAR pulse — a rapid cooling underneath the pulsed area began to occur: (central Wisconsin 3F, 6F, and 9F.. coldest spot under the pulse zone)


Move forward to Today, November 27, 2012 –   at approximately 10pm UTC — we see snow and frozen preciptiation detected in the pulse area — on a forecast clear day:


All of the above assembled into one shareable picture :

(click the picture for the full resolution version)


Link below to read a hypothesis of what I think is causing the pulse, what frequencies are being used/matched/mimicked , how NEXRAD RADAR pulses in the same frequency range as HAARP in Alaska (NEXRAD pulses 0-12.4Mhz.. HAARP pulses 0-10Mhz)…

This link below also covers how NEXRAD RADAR in full functioning 2-3GHz mode, can double as a ground based ionospheric heater / atmospheric heater — capable of targeting high frequency pulses anywhere from ground, to the ionosphere, heating a targeted patch in the sky (via a concentrated beam pulsed anywhere from 20Mhz to 3GHz.. this is documented in a patented process called the “creation of a tiltable artificial ionospheric mirror in the ATMOSPHERE using ground based RADAR or HAARP type facilities).


19 thoughts on “11/27/2012 — RADAR frequency pulses (previously called ‘HAARP rings’ or ‘Circle sweeps’)

  1. Sorry to see you go……. Best of luck to you and your family! I looked forward to your reports when ever they came out. You are the only one who actually made sense of all this stuff! Good luck! And thank you! Andy

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