12/7/2012 — RADAR devices used as ‘heaters’ — Weather Modification via frequency


Space Plasma Exploration by Active Radar (SPEAR)

The SPEAR antenna array

SPEAR is a revolutionary new high power radar system which is designed to carry out research into the Earth’s upper atmosphere and magnetosphere, in the vicinity of the polar cap. This research will help us answer some key questions about our aerospace environment, particularly the interaction of the solar wind and the upper atmosphere.

Currently, scientists know that energy and particles which are constantly emitted by the Sun affect the Earth.  This energy is primarily deposited over several different altitudes extending from the upper atmosphere to the outer reaches of the Earth’s magnetic field (called the magnetosphere), which encompasses an altitude range of 10’s of km to several thousand km. The energy affects the Earth in many different ways from inducing huge magnetic storms (which produce the aurora) to electrical currents. However, the unpredictability and the type of processes makes it very difficult for scientists to study them in detail.

SPEAR (Space Plasma Exploration by Active Radar) is located on Svalbard above the arctic circle at78.15°N and has been in operation since 2004. The system was designed and built by the Radio and Space Plasma Physics Group at the University of Leicester, UK. UNIS took over ownership of the facility in October 2008.

The facility works by vertically emitting a radio wave (which operates at frequencies of between 4–6 Mhz) where it interacts with the ionosphere (a thin layer of ionised gas or plasma located between ~60km to more than 1000 km in altitude which acts as a boundary between the atmosphere and the magnetosphere).  This results in various plasma interaction processes, some of which are outlined above, which are normally caused by the Solar magnetic field and Solar Wind interactions with the geomagnetic field.  The ionosphere exhibits different behaviours at different altitudes, so by modifying the frequency and power of the wave scientists can duplicate small scale plasma processes but under more controlled conditions, effectively using the ionosphere as a laboratory.  The energy deposited by SPEAR into the ionosphere is <1/10000th of that deposited by the Sun with the effects only last as long as the system is transmitting, so ironically experiments can only be done when the ionosphere is ‘quiet’ (ie. minimal interaction with the Sun).

SPEAR Location

Longitude 78° 09′ 15″ N – Latitude 16° 03′ 17″ E – Altitude 458m (WGS84)
Decimal values: Logitude 78.154° N – Latitude 16.055° E – Altitude 458m (WGS84)



Schematic showing a typical SPEAR experiment whereby the plasma interactions induced in the ionosphere by SPEAR are observed by several different instruments.





HAARP type facilities signals CAN appear on RADAR — and show up as STRONG SUMMER RADAR RETURNS called PMSE (polar mesosphere summer echoes)…

anyone who said that RADAR cannot ‘see’ HAARP/EISCAT type signals .. also anyone who said RADAR cannot modulate or modify the environment — is proved wrong by this experiment:

download from original source here:

download directly from my site here:chilson++00_grl
radar heating
Harvard paper on HAARP type facilities and RADAR being used to create “artificial electrons” .. in WINTER radar echoes… (PMWE) radar clouds …
abstract here:
full link here:
download from my website here:
radar heating 1
Modifying the ionosphere with radio waves… when the ionosphere is manipulated.. its shows as RADAR ECHOES : this is from 1972 !
new scientist 1972 radar ionosphere
1972 radar a
Negative ions generated by ground based heaters (RADARs)… the ground based heaters are manipulating the ionosphere.. causing PMWE (RADAR echoes)… showing as layered gravity wave sensative pulses..sound familiar?

full download here:
download from my website here:
negative ion HF heating radar
RADAR creating “high frequency plasma lines” HFPL’s… heating the atmosphere and ionosphere .. creating plasma.. up to 5,000K (temperature)
download from my website here:
hf instability pump radar
High frequency HEATING pulses from ground based RADAR … creates electron buildup and irregularities..
download from original source here:www.ursi.org/proceedings/procga02/papers/p1060.pdf
download from my website here:
hf heating radar PMSE
Using HAARP type facilities to make LIGHTNING! from a military site.. be aware if you’re going to download :
download from the original source here:
download from my website here:
Again, from the .mil military website… ANOTHER example of Using HAARP type facilities in conjunction with RADAR — done at MIT using S-Band RADAR (same type as nexrad!!!)this is a tricky one to download.. after you download it.. it will just show up as a “file”.. you need to ADD the .pdf at the end of the file name to get it to open…or you can just view it on google as long as its there.. screenshot attacheddownload here: http://www.dtic.mil/cgi-bin/GetTRDoc?AD=ADA286529

download it from my website here:
lightning radara

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