12/21/2012 — Winter Solstice , Pagan Drugs, Santa is a MUSHROOM

Winter solstice.. pagan drugs.. seeing ‘santa’.. seeing “elves” .. and reindeer that think they can fly.

Do you ever wonder why santas suit is red and white? candy cane red and white? reindeer FLYING with a RED nose..

It all has to do with the amanita muscaria mushroom… which commonly grows in cold climates underneath CONIFER TREES (also known as christmas trees)…  This fungus is known to grow during the winter solstice periods . Reindeer do indeed eat them.. however they are psychedelic (toxic) .

Also.. mario eats them to grow big, or get a new life.. smurfs live in them.. alice in wonderland consults a caterpillar (hallucination) sitting on one of them.. and you’ll see them in stores, at christmas displays usually associated with SEEING ELVES !!

No one ever tells you it is actually a SHAMAN who the legend says brings the mushrooms to you.. eaten to obtain spiritual enlightenment..To be eaten at the winter rituals.

Simply put, Santa is a mushroom.

It goes back a LONG way..

Untitled santa

15 thoughts on “12/21/2012 — Winter Solstice , Pagan Drugs, Santa is a MUSHROOM

    • Charles..try to find the wonder as with a little child in Christmas….it is a time for gentleness and friendship and love…we all feel alone and alienated at some point in our life…it passes….The true version of Christmas…Christ’s birth is symbolic …it represents..Christed Consciousness in mass…this is the gift we were given to recognize and realize that within ourselves..it is essentially love. This teaching does not adhere to ‘worship’ per say….but the deep honouring and respect for the life force that puts breath in our body and its is in us and we in it…..

      I am sending you a big hug and lots of love..to do with what you will…lol…I hope you find joy soon…it’s there in you if you lift the curtain of bitterness and anger….xox

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