2/5/2013 — HAARP / Weather Modification — “HAARP rings” and “Scalar Squares” — RADAR pulses on MSM

CONGRATULATIONS to the dozens (possibly hundreds) of researchers online, who worked along with me in this process of discovery.


This episode, summed up, is H.A.A.R.P. and Weather Modification  — weathermod done via frequency.

Starting at about 10min 13sec they begin to discuss NEXRAD RADAR pulses — aka ‘HAARP rings” and “Scalar Squares”.

It is good to see this finally got some attention!


Many thanks to “Unsealed Conspiracy Files” for covering this topic.
There needs to be a season 2 of this show!!!

here is a link to their youtube channel:



HAARP Around The World — Unsealed Conspiracy Files — S1 E6


Full episode here:



here is a full post explaining what I think is going on:



here is a link to even more information on the subject:



and another few links to the RADAR/HAARP connection:






Previous ‘HAARP ring’ / RADAR pulse forecast confirmations:



screenshots below from 10/28/2012 — La Canada, Mexico RADAR pulse / “HAARP ring” — occurring at the same time as the 7.7M earthquake in Queens Island CANADA .


mexico vortex haarp ring return oct 28 2012

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