2/27/2013 — US Navy Labs creates Plasma in the upper Atmosphere using HAARP – HF- high frequency

This is a profound release, just put out by the US Naval Research Lab on Feb. 25, 2013..

In essence, this experiment done by the Navy contradicts ALL the skeptics who said it quote “could not be done” using frequency in the Atmosphere.

Ironic indeed that the frequency they used from HAARP matches the capability of NEXRAD RADAR.. as they are creating this plasma in the atmosphere using 0-4MHz.. (nexrad pulses between 0 to 12.4MHz putting the HAARP frequency and RADAR frequency on overlapping spectrums)

link here:



To top it off, with this Navy experiment — the plasma RING/SPHERE was observed on RADAR from Poker Flats, AK.. refuting even more skeptics who said HAARP cannot be seen on RADAR.


Furthermore, separately, we found RADAR is used to generate plasma from a place called SPEAR (in Norway) , they are using RADAR as a ‘heater’ in the same GHz spectrum that NEXRAD RADAR normally operates on when not in pulse mode (2.7GHz to 3.0GHz).  Proving RADAR can , and is currently being used to induce effects in the atmosphere — not just observe it.

information on SPEAR – RADAR used as a plasma ‘heater’ here:





screenshots of past events:



more about the HAARP ring / RADAR pulse theory here:



even more here:



Past HAARP ring / RADAR pulse events and the storms which hit within 72 hours:


95 thoughts on “2/27/2013 — US Navy Labs creates Plasma in the upper Atmosphere using HAARP – HF- high frequency

  1. This energy, could it be used to run spaceships as i just watched what this russian cosmonaut had to say. here is the linkhttp://www.disclose.tv/action/viewvideo/126982/Feb_27_2013_RUSSIAN_COSMONAUT_REVEALS_UFO_ALIEN_TRUTH/

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