3/9/2013 — Antenna produces cooling in the Atmosphere.. observed real-time on RADAR

This lone spot stood out as odd — the only spot in a rain storm showing as “snow AND ice” at once over a stationary spot — the color coded precipitation, showing as becoming frozen, does NOT move with the rest of the storm as it passes by.

If you look to see what is at the center of the frozen spot — an antenna resides directly there.   What are the chances?

Here is the antenna information:



see the antenna location on climate viewer.. thanks to jim lee !

http://www.climateviewer.com (turn on “electromagnetic” as an option on the left control bar — then select FCC)

iowa FM radio antenna cooling area HAARP final


This past week, we saw the OPPOSITE occur in Illinois .. we saw an antenna that was HEATING the storm, causing a warm spot to appear over the antenna location (pictured down below), we also saw the Air Force Base produce heating over itself as well the same day (also pictured at the bottom of this article)…

Now, today.. you see in this series of screenshot, a single spot being COOLED — it stays stationary


Last week , in Illinois, this same type of event occurred twice:

Once from a large radio antenna in Peru, IL :


walter a duncan airport radar heater haarp ring


And once from Scott Airforce Base just east of St. Louis, MO:


st louis snow scott AFB radar heater

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