3/9/2013 — Using frequency to perform Weather Modification over Texas — Spring 2012 operations — Aquiess and Sci-Blue

SMOKING GUN on an active program using frequency to control the weather in the continental United States.

Anyone saying it could not be done, (weather modification using smaller stations over the United States) well.. it would appear there are already some fairly large companies DOING IT.

In April 2012 — two companies using RESONANCE to perform weather modification over Texas– Confirmed by Aquiess and Sci-Blue ..

quote :
“Over the past ten years the company Aquiess has repeatedly demonstrated this technology to government and humanitarian observer groups.

The proprietary weather modification system operates by utilizing ‘resonance’ signals to divert oceanic atmospheric rivers into areas experiencing severe drought.

TheAquiess system does not rely on chemical or biologically hazardous materials, which could potentially harm the environment.”

aquiess resoance radar frequency weather moda


download the .pdf directly from my site here:

Introduction – Aquiess – 2012



thanks to Jim Lee — just talking on the phone with him about this BREAKTHROUGH — it literally just was posted online recently.

he will be posting this on his site as well:


make sure to check his other site for the station locations, and known patents:



Curious how frequency can be used to influence the weather?

A lot of information to consider here:



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