3/10/2013 — RF (radio frequency) induces plasma — Home Radio melts steel antenna

Really cool experiment here.  Using regular shortwave radio to induce plasma — which then literally melts steel instantaneously .

thanks to tatoott1009 for doing these tests!

link to his website here:


If you watch the video in HD.. and pause it when the flares begin.. you will see the plasma come off in whisps of energy.. and several of the tips give off almost what look to be small lightning bolts of pinkish plasma.

tatoot plasma experiment mar 10 2013

Several people are asking what we’re seeing.. and how this is happening.

If you have shortwave gear, you can recreate this experiment!

tat is using 3400 peak watts at 3.990.00MHz, using a home amplifier with 4 z-tubes.. Tats signal is coming out of a common truck antenna with flared custom tips.

This is a basic experiment showing that RF can induce plasma. which in this case.. because the antenna cannot hold the load .. (and the signal also has no “targeted” way to leave the antenna).. this causes plasma to form at the point where the frequency is leaving the antenna (the tips).

If tat had a better antenna, he could possibly direct the RF to a target at XYZ distance.. or if he had more power, he could melt these quicker (or even heat the atmosphere around the antenna).

Summed up.. with 3.9MHz, and 100watts amplified in a home amp to 3400watts.. while using a home radio…. you can MELT METAL…

Transmitting an industrial microwave worth of RF (3400W) , down an antenna .. sending radio frequency which causes plasma .

Radio manufacturer : i-comRadio model: 756 pro2


1.6MHz – 50MHz

wattage: 100W

Amplifier: Homemade (Four 3-500 Z tubes)


Total peak wattage: 3400W

Antenna: Mobile truck antenna with custom steel tips


RF plasma march 10 2013





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