3/17/2013 — RADAR pulse / ‘Scalar Square’ / ‘HAARP ring’ confirmation — Springfield / Nixa Missouri

Towards the start of this video, you can see the multiple RADAR pulses (‘HAARP rings’ and ‘Scalar Squares’)  coming out of the SW Missouri / NE Oklahoma region .

Specifically, the Scalar Square over SW Missouri (springfield to nixa, mo)


Screenshots below from the PM of March 16, 2013 over Springfield/Nixa, MO — showing the “Scalar Square” return:

springfield MO scalar square march 16 2013

springfield MO scalar square march 16 2013a


Move forward approximately 24 hours — the ONLY area to have a severe thunderstorm warning issued / with hail detected :  Springfield to Nixa Missouri:

sw missouri hail haarp ring confirmationsw missouri hail haarp ring confirmationa1


Most of the areas experiencing the RADAR pulses are CLEAR (with no cloud cover) .. a few are occurring inside the actual storms.. causing areas to “disappear” even though there IS precipitation at the location (disappearing in a sawtooth / square pattern) .

These recorded pulses occurred in the late PM on March 16, and early AM of March 17 ..

Tennessee having severe weather today / tonight (17th going into the 18th).

Tomorrow, March 18th, the professionals have now forecast SEVERE weather to develop inside each pulse area .   However severe weather (hail / damaging wind)  is ALREADY breaking out in Missouri as of 350pm CT ..

More on the subject of frequency modification of the weather:






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