3/18/2013 — RADAR pulse / ‘Scalar Square’ / ‘HAARP ring’ confirmation — Tremont, MS / Bexar, AL

Video of the RADAR pulse / ‘HAARP ring’ out of Tremont, MS – Bexar, AL :


Again the frequency pulse epicenters are hit within 48 hours of the original pulses.

Below, in this series of screenshots.. you can first see the frequency outbreak on March 17th.. and the follow up real life storm results 24 hours later: (hail / damaging winds / possible tornado)

Notice once again, that the areas which received the RADAR pulses (HAARP rings) 24 hours earlier ..  are the same areas to directly receive the worst weather in the FOLLOWING storm…

March 17, 2013 (1230am CT) — Tremont, MS / Bexar, Alabama receives a RADAR pulse / “HAARP ring”:

tuscaloosa haarp ring confirmation march 18 2013


Move forward approximately 24 hours..  March 18, 2013 (200pm CT) and we see Tremont, MS / Bexar, AL ( the direct area with the RADAR pulse / “HAARP ring”)  receives the hardest part of the next coming storm… possible tornado detected  heading directly for the ring epicenter:

mississippi alabama tornadoes hail damaging winds haarp ring confirmation march 18 2013

tuscaloosa haarp ring confirmation march 18 2013a

This is once again showing that small towns can be correctly forecast up to 48 hours out — when these frequency pulses occur , watch the epicenter of the pulse — keep track of the small town or city which emits the pulse, watch for severe weather to develop and head for the target.


Blog post of today’s direct hit from Little Rock, AR to Nashville, TN –  screenshots here:


Blog post of yesterdays direct hit of Springfield / Nixa, MO –  screenshots here:


More on the subject of frequency manipulation of the weather here:





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