3/24/2013 — RF (radio frequency) induced heating — seen REAL TIME on RADAR

Yet again, during a snowstorm, we see multiple spots where Microwave / Radio towers are causing DIRECT HEATING ABOVE the ground based stations.


Coordinates : 39° 5’40.96″N , 95°47’19.37″W — Just East of Silver Lake Iowa —

A heated spot , standing stationary through multiple frames as the storm passes by (visible for approx 1 hour)..

DIRECTLY UNDERNEATH this ‘heated’ area… a large microwave tower / radio tower.. acting as the heater.

final rf induced kansas haarp ring microwave heater march 24 2013


Coordinates : 40°56’47.18″N , 91°30’34.00″W — Mount Pleasant, Iowa

Same time frame as above … we see ANOTHER heated spot .. over another antenna (near the airport)… again, standing stationary through 1-2 hours as the storm passes by.. heating the area directly above the station from “frozen” to “partially frozen/ice/sleet”..

iowa unfrozen airport ring RF heater march 23 2013

iowa unfrozen airport ring RF heater march 23 2013a


Coordinates : 38° 4’26.94″N , 97°51’34.40″W — Hutchinson Kansas… another heated spot.. another airport with nearby antennas:

kansas RF heatera


This has happened several times over the past few weeks — past posts here:






How could Radio Frequency heat the atmosphere?  Read much more on the subject here:



All locations can be verified using :

http://www.climateviewer.com (turn on electromagnetic options on the left in the control bar — then select FCC)



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