3/26/2013 — Oklahoma 5.6M earthquake in 2011 — determined to be “man made”

video here:

March 26, 2013 :


WASHINGTON (AP) — A team of scientists have determined that a 5.6 magnitude quake in Oklahoma in 2011 was caused when oil drilling waste was injected deep underground.

That makes it the most powerful quake to be blamed on deep injections of wastewater, although not everyone agrees. Oklahoma’s state seismologists say the quake was natural.

The Nov. 6 earthquake near Prague, Okla., injured two people, damaged 14 houses and was the strongest Midwestern quake in decades.

The new report says there was a smaller quake at the site of an old injection well, and that triggered the larger tremor. Records show the well pressure rising dramatically in 2006. The scientists say both combine to make a strong case that waste injections caused the quake.

The report was released Tuesday by the journal Geology.


Fracking induced earthquakes / injection well earthquakes — are becoming a menace as of late…

Here is my video from 2011 the same day of the actual earthquake….. ironic indeed it took the professionals 2 years to figure this out…  they must not have google earth access ! 🙂

here is my post on the day of the earthquake:


here is the picture from 2011 that I uploaded clearly showing the earthquake to be inside of a large fracking / injection well operation:



Here are all my past posts on fracking earthquakes in the United States / Europe:


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