4/7/2013 — HAARP generates Plasma Rings — EXACTLY like what we see on RADAR


Excitation of Magnetospheric Resonators with HAARP

Anatoly V. Streltsov
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Full .pdf here:


download mirror on my site here:



Screenshots below from the .pdf clearly show two diagrams which explain what we’ve been seeing a LOT of in the past few years.. RADAR pulses.

Notice the ring diagram of the plasma rings from HAARP directly MATCHES several of the RADAR pulses we’ve seen occur from NEXRAD WSR-88D’s.


RADAR pulse from 2002 NEXRAD at Minot Air Force Base (matches the diagram of the HAARP pulse, only over a smaller area — most likely due to less peak pulse wattage @ 750,000 watts , as opposed to multiple GW from HAARP)

In this .pdf you will see multiple diagrams, AND  physical pictures of the plasma events, which occurred from using radio frequency to produce a HEATED RING above the ground based station.

HAARP ring proof april 7 2013a

HAARP ring proof april 7 2013

HAARP ring proof april 7 2013a1


Here are several examples of what we have seen on RADAR.

Over 1,000 screenshots of these events can be seen here in my photo album..



Several more examples below:

radar pulse new england jan 25 final

radar pulse jan 20 2013 nebraska final

tallahassee fl to georgia haarp ring double vescia pisces1b


Full explanation of what I believe to be occurring here:


Past RADAR pulse events with storm after effects:


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