4/9/2013 — Jackson Mississippi — Low Intensity RADAR pulse / “HAARP ring”

Jackson, Mississippi RADAR pulse / “HAARP ring”.

On the scale.. this is “low end” to “moderate”.. not a normal HIGH pulse (bright red pink or white)..

watch Jackson just in case over the next 48 to 72 hours..

backdated feed here:





here is the .gif of the event:

jackson ms radar april 9 2013


Live feeds showing the event here:



jackson ms final pulse april 9 2013 jackson ms radar pulse april 9 2013aaaaaa

ucar jackson pulse haarp ring april 9 2013

Notice the RF (radio frequency) pulse is in bright purple .. showing on VELOCITY (which measures wind via RADAR)..

jackson ms radar pulse april 9 2013aaaa


Full explanation of what I believe is occurring:



Previous RADAR pulse / ‘HAARP ring’ / Scalar Square events documented with followups:


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