4/11/2013 — Mississippi / Alabama / Tennessee — RADAR pulse – ‘HAARP ring’ – Scalar Square confirmation

April 9, 2013 — 1241am CT — multiple RADAR pulses out of Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia.

Move forward 48 hours — 130pm CT April 11, 2013 — all areas pulsed over the past two days have been hit with tornado warnings, hail, damaging winds — tornado watches issued for the entire pulsed region.

The pulses can be seen in this video — from the start of the video to about 3min 30 sec:


Click to enlarge — (below pic shows the pulses on 4/9 followed by the storms which hit the area on 4/11)

haarp ring confirmation south states april 11 2013


explanations on what I believe is occurring:


previous RADAR pulse events documented:


More background information on frequency pulses / HAARP / RADAR:


The must see weather modification timeline:


Compiled information on HAARP:


3 thoughts on “4/11/2013 — Mississippi / Alabama / Tennessee — RADAR pulse – ‘HAARP ring’ – Scalar Square confirmation

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