4/13/2013 — Missouri / Franklin Co. — Earthquake and Tornado in the same day

On Wednesday April 10, 2013, Saint Louis, and the surrounding area received a large severe weather outbreak.

72 hours prior to the storm breaking out, the St. Louis NEXRAD RADAR (KLSX) produced a Scalar Square pulse, which then produced the major outbreak at the CENTER of the pulse —  the pulse epicenter was West St. Louis NEXRAD to Lambert Airport TDWR…. and the storm outbreak was over the same exact location.

click to enlarge to see the pulse compared with the storms at the center of the pulse 72 hours later:

saint louis missouri scalar square confirmation april 11 2013


After developing over West St. Louis, the storms then moved over North St. Louis.

Click to enlarge:

saint louis radar tornadoes april 11 2013

Whole coverage of that event here:


Again, make note in the above pictures..Tornadoes touched down within just miles of both RADAR locations — West St. Louis tornado warnings originally issued from Defiance / Labadie / Weldon Springs, south to Piney Park.. Warnings issued over North St. Louis (Lambert Airport / Hazelwood).


Now, another piece of the puzzle..


The National Weather Service has released a new damage report stating an EF1 tornado touched down in Franklin County, Mo. Wednesday night as storms moved through the area.

The NWS says it touched down at 7:38 p.m. in the Labadie Bottoms north of St. Albans and lifted one minute later after traveling 1.5 miles east/northeast across St. Albans Island.


Extensive tree damage was found along this path that had a width of 200 yards.


Wind speeds are estimated to have been up to 100 miles per hour.


Franklin County is where the storm really took shape, the tornado only touching down after passing through Franklin County, at Saint Albans Island.. then passing by the NEXRAD at Weldon Springs / Wildwood / Chesterfield .. then blowing north to the Airport.

Why focus on Franklin County like a puzzle piece you might ask?

The answer… knowing that the storm was frequency induced / influenced, and knowing that the storm took shape over Franklin County and blew up as it passed by our NEXRAD… I FIND IT EXTREMELY ODD THAT ON APRIL 10, 2013 … JUST A FEW HOURS BEFORE THE TORNADO OUTBREAK …


Earthquakes in Franklin County are not very common.



Earthquake Details

  • This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.
Magnitude 2.3
Location 38.571°N, 91.326°W
Depth 0.1 km (~0.1 mile) (poorly constrained)
  • 10 km (6 miles) WSW (248°) from New Haven, MO
  • 12 km (7 miles) S (175°) from Berger, MO
  • 17 km (11 miles) SE (146°) from Hermann, MO
  • 27 km (17 miles) W (274°) from Washington, MO
  • 94 km (59 miles) W (266°) from St. Louis, MO


Below is a screenshot of the USGS data , compared with the tornado track over St. Albans Island / Franklin County, MO.

Click to enlarge:

franklin county earthquake


Frequency Pulses, then an earthquake and storms hit the center of the pulses, landing tornadoes directly around the RADAR towers which emitted those pulses, no less. 



Full explanation of what I believe to be occurring is here:



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