4/14/2013 — Damaging Winds produced by RADAR pulses — REALTIME — multiple systems show the event

Starting at approximately 453am CT — April 14, 2013 — Two RADAR pulses began in Texas / East new Mexico.

Videos of the event here:

These videos above also shows the velocity signatures detected at the time of the pulse.


UPDATE 745am CT April 14, 2013:

The pulses continue out of Odessa, Lubbock, and Cannon AFB, NM.

Odessa Texas:


Cannon Airforce Base:


Lubbock, Texas:



On the National Weather Service RADAR we not only see the pulses, but we also see a Scalar Square appear over the pulsed area:

(click to view full size)

nws texas scalar square april 14 2013 730am cta


Screenshots from College of Dupage here.. also showing a high intensity , long lasting pulse, from both stations hit by the New Mexico beam:

texas lubbock radar pulse april 14 2013 723am ct texas odessa radar pulse april 14 2013 723am ctAA


Original post below 455am CT 4/14/2013:


Below are several screenshots showing one large pulse coming from Midland/Odessa Texas — the other (a targeted beam) coming out of Cannon Airforce Base in East New Mexico.

At the spot where the targeted beam and the pulse intersected… DAMAGING WINDS WERE DETECTED REAL-TIME … on  completely different systems .

Using NEXRAD direct feed from the College of Dupage / also WDSS-ii for velocity images, and using Intellicast for storm tracking.

I’m not exaggerating when I say this is undeniable.   Literally, at the same time of the pulse.. at the exact spot where the beam from NM, and  intersected the pulse from TX.. Damaging winds formed!  As soon as the pulse stopped , the damaging winds disappeared.

It was a clear night in Texas — no storms expected or reported.  Just this quick frequency pulse , producing an immediate wind result, followed by a strong cell storm detection.

RADAR pulse produces damaging winds real time april 14 2013


Link to back dated NEXRAD for Cannon AFB , NM:


download it here:



Link to back dated NEXRAD for Odessa, TX:


download it here:



This has happened before .. in Nevada:  Pulse produceing REALTIME results .. hail across the entire state of NV..


Also happened in California:


Also happened in Kansas:



Several other realtime events here due to radio frequency pulse heating of the atmosphere:



Explanation on what I believe to be occurring here:


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