4/19/2013 — 7.2M Earthquake — Volcanic unrest at Kuril Islands, Russia (NW Pacific)

April 19, 2013 — Kuril Islands 7.2M Earthquake .  Location:  Undersea Volcano

7.2 m earthquake russia april 18 2013


Update:  April 19, 2013 330pm CT
Another 6.0M at the Kuril Islands volcanic chain..


kuril islands 6.0m earthquake april 19 2013


Several people asking if there could be a Tsunami event associated with this 7.2M in the Kuril islands..

With this type of earthquake , there is a very LOW tsunami probability….

The Kuril Islands (and west pacific) have been heating up the past 2 weeks…. the area in Russia which had the “earthquake” is a known active erupting volcano. The earthquake itself in the magma chamber below the crust — approximate depth of the earthquake was 75miles.

The location at the Kuril Islands showing movement is specifically an undersea volcano. Part of a complex of over a dozen active volcanoes.. several undersea.. a few above sea level.

More info on Kuril Islands Volcanoes:


kuril islands volcanoes map diagram


Screenshot of the area attached below.. click to enlarge

kuril islands 7.2m earthquake april 18 2013


Earthquake Details

  • This event has been reviewed by a seismologist.
Magnitude 7.2
Location 46.182°N, 150.796°E
Depth 122.3 km (76.0 miles)
Distances 250 km (155 miles) ENE of Kuril’sk, Russia
521 km (323 miles) NE of Nemuro, Japan
527 km (327 miles) NE of Shibetsu, Japan
566 km (351 miles) ENE of Abashiri, Japan


Here is something I put out 2 days ago letting people know to watch the NW pacific for large movement in the nearterm.


Past 24 hours of earthquakes in the west pacific indicate further large scale movement due fairly soon in this region..
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past 24 hours of earthquake april 17 2013 815pm ct


also here is my most recent earthquake overview — reviewing the unrest at volcanoes building over the past few weeks/months.


Past 7 days of Earthquakes 5.0M and greater.. this past week was a wild one.

Any doubt about the Pacific unrest / plate breakup , should be answered at this point.. we’ve for sure got a west pacific ‘issue’ going on.

Shows a lopsided distribution of large scale movement.. the volcanic areas showing the most activity we’ve seen in many months.

7days of 5.0 earthquakes april 19 2013

With this kind of activity in the west pacific, you can expect adjacent areas around the ring of fire to being to move as well.

Look how quiet the East Pacific and Americas have been….

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