5/8/2013 — Texas pumping / drilling / fracking Earthquake — 2.5 magnitude part of larger plate movement

Another Texas pumping / fracking / drilling earthquake.


texas 2.5m earthquake may 8 2013 fracking

Over the past several days, we’ve seen pressure building on the western / northwestern / southern edges of the North American Craton (plate).

Pressure showing as moderate earthquakes near the dormant Yellowstone supervolcano, as well as Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, including a spot to the north of Hells Half Acre / Craters of the Moon, Idaho.

Both places, Hells Half Acre, and Craters of the Moon, are also dormant volcanoes.

craton pressure may 8 2013

On top of the 4.0M’s and 3.0M’s at Yellowstone and Idaho, we’ve seen movement at Colorado, and Texas (inside the fracking operations).

idaho earthquake swarm yellowstone may 6 2013aa

Finally, we’ve seen SERIOUS movement develop along the southern edge of the craton, in Bayou Corne, Louisiana.



The Office of Conservation, in consultation with Assumption Parish Incident Command, is advising the public that the Oxy 3/sinkhole monitoring alert status has been raised to Code 3 – requiring all work directly on the sinkhole, Oxy 3 pad and within the containment berm to cease until further notice.

Seismic monitoring had detected a sustained increase in the trend of micro-earthquake (MEQ) activity in the area around the sinkhole and Oxy 3 over the past week, and a marked uptick in MEQs in the past day.

This pattern of MEQ increase has been identified as an indicator of likely shifting and sloughing in the sinkhole and the area below it, based on past observations. The seismic activity is limited to the Oxy 3/sinkhole area, showing no indication of impact to the Oxy 1 area.

Monitoring is constantly ongoing in the area and Conservation will advise the public of significant changes in subsurface conditions.


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