5/21/2013 — Pipeline Earthquakes, and Dormant Volcanic movement

May 21, 2013 , in the early morning hours, an series of small earthquakes occurred along the edge of the North American craton (plate).

A 2.9M earthquake struck along a pipeline for a large fracking operation in Arkansas.


arkansas pipeline earthquake may 21 2013


Also, a minor swarm resumed near the Yellowstone / Hells Half Acre dormant volcanoes.



yellowstone earthquakes may 21 2013


We’ve been seeing noticeable movement along the edge of the craton for the past 2 years almost.  Sizable movement in 2011, and 2012 , Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico.  Even North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Southeast Canada.

see the past fracking / dormant volcano earthquakes here:




Last 7 days of earthquakes (up to May 21, 2013 345pm CST) shows frack well earthquakes in OK, and CO, a fracking pipeline earthquake in AR, and multiple dormant volcanic earthquakes in ID, WY, MT surrounding the Yellowstone caldera.

To the Northeast , in Canada, you can see the ultimate result of the pressure that built to the south/west — first we saw movement at the fracking operations, then movement at the dormant volcanoes, finally then seeing larger movement up to the northeast in Canada at the EDGE of the craton.

This is proof that large scale pressure can build / transfer over a vast area, happening in just one weeks time.

Compare the diagram of the North American plate vs. the movement over the past 7 days.

Clearly, things are still in flux.

fracking dormant volcanic earthquakes may 21 2013

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