5/26/2013 — Central Nebraska — RADAR pulse / “HAARP ring” / Scalar Square confirmation — Tornado warnings + hail

In the evening of May 24, 2013 .. going into the early AM of May 25, 2013 — North Central Nebraska experienced a series of RADAR pulses / “HAARP rings” and Scalar Squares.

seen in this video here from the start of the video onwards:


Move forward approximately 48 hours, and we see the NWS issue a tornado warning at the center of the Scalar Square / “HAARP ring” pulsed area.  Also, damaging hail detected.

here is the before and after:

nebraska haarp ring scalar square confirmation may 26 2013

another before and after:

tornado warnings scalar square may 26 2013 nebraska


Past RADAR pulse / “HAARP ring” / Scalar Square confirmations:


If you have legitimate curiosity about how frequency can be used to manipulate the weather, and you want to see the scientific proof of such concepts… here is a good place to start:

See my long winded post titled :

“Want to know about HAARP, VLF, VHF, RADAR, and weather modification? “


Weather Control Timeline:


US Navy creates Plasma in the atmosphere using HAARP (2013 experiment):


Microwaves are capable of producing tornadic convection (laboratory experiments):


HAARP produces radio frequency heating, RADAR produces the same type of heating:


Radio frequency having a real-time effect on precipitation around large microwave towers / RADARS:


VLF signals from ground based transmitters produces ring shaped resonances:


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