6/13/2013 — Fracking earthquake activity picking up pace — Beebe / Greenbrier Arkansas moving again

June 12th – 13th, 2013, a flurry of small earthquakes has struck the southern edge of the North American craton.

Greenbrier / Beebe Arkansas now back into the mix with multiple 2.0M earthquakes striking a very large fracking operation :

2.8M earthquake June 13, 2013:

2.5M earthquake June 12, 2013:

arkansas fracking earthquake june 13 2013


For those who don’t know (or don’t remember) — The Beebe / Greenbrier Arkansas area is the spot where a very large Earthquake swarm occurred in 2011 , as well as the area where the mass animal deaths first began in earnest.

Thousands of birds falling from the sky, tens of thousands of dead fish, and strange RADAR signatures.


Oklahoma , still having ongoing movement at the (again) very large pumping / injection / frack well operation :


oklahoma fracking earthquake june 12 2013


Fracking earthquakes occurring along the southern edge of the North American plate , a sign of greater movement globally, and a sign that we can expect FURTHER movement in the nearterm future.

Here are my past posts on the subject of Induced Seismicity (man made earthquakes):


2 thoughts on “6/13/2013 — Fracking earthquake activity picking up pace — Beebe / Greenbrier Arkansas moving again

  1. Dutch, Do you keep a compass? Probably. I watch mine on a regular basis. Today, north has shifted and you can see the needle moving. Given the leftward shifts on the following Mag of 6 – 10 degrees temporarily, with increasing frequency, one has to wonder if it’s magma or a celestial object doing the pulling.


    Keep a compass in one exact location, away from any electronics. If you live near any of the coasts or fault lines, it could be a life saver. NASA loves to pooh-pooh the pole shift theory but there are a lot of indications of movement, whatever the source.

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