6/16/2013 — Illinois RADAR pulse / ‘HAARP ring” produces storm returns REALTIME

Approximately 100am CT — June 16, 2013 — a long duration RADAR pulse out of Central Illinois (ILX) NEXRAD produced MULTIPLE actual storm returns.

seen in this video here (watch in HD fullscreen to see details)


back dated NEXRAD for central Illinois here (to see the actual pulse as it occurred):


The RADAR pulses are showing up on RADAR as , AND are designated by the computer as possible tornadoes, damaging winds, strong cell thunderstorms along with hail.

illinois tornado june 16 2013


This pulse from central Illinois, producing a storm return, is another example of Radio Frequency heating having a PHYSICAL EFFECT on the weather.

Screenshot below from College of Dupage shows the RADAR pulse as it occurred — each bright pink RADAR pulsed area showing as actual storms):
illinois nexrad pulse storms

Curious how Radio Frequency can manipulate the weather?

Here is a good place to start learning :


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