6/24/2013 — ‘Shaolin don’t play this Mandolin’ — The Meridian Project (Chinas HAARP)

The famous book “Angels don’t play this H.A.A.R.P.” by Nick Begich, exposing the HAARP facility in Alaska, might need a follow-up chapter…. called “Shaolin don’t play this Mandolin”.

shaolin mandolin haarp



Seriously now.. most people have heard of the United States / Europeans Ionospheric research facilities such as HAARP, Arecibo, HIPAS, EISCAT.. also lets not forget the Japanese MU RADAR, and the SURA Ionospheric heating facility in Russia..

haarp type facilities


Also, in the past, most have heard about the various Russian projects such as the Woodpecker, and the Tesla array.

A few of the odd grandfathers of HAARP / EISCAT are seen below:

russian haarp


One superpower we have NOT mentioned yet is China.

The Chinese, have a large array covering areas from the North Pole, all the way to Antarctica.

The Chinese facilities are somewhat similar to what the United States is using — VHF RADAR — an IRI array like HAARP — Incoherent Scatter RADAR — magnetometers, riometers, OTH RADARs, ionosondes, digisondes, and conjugate point facilities.

china haarp


Full pdf :

download the .pdf directly from my site here:


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